RD-blog-number-6261 by Herb Zinser reviews the the  human AN wars ……   the human atomic number wars.   Atomic number – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atomic_number Wikipedia Atomic number is the number of protons, and therefore also the total positive charge, in the atomic nucleus. The Rutherford–Bohr model of the hydrogen atom (Z = 1) […]

RD-blog-number-6160 by Herb Zinser reviews the atomic social science database EVENT generated by Nature’s systems using atomic, bio-physics humanoids. The India numeric/alpha(na)  … Hindu Bose-Einstein border with the CO = Condensate of  CO = Cincinnati,Ohio revealed by EARTH LAB sample space specimen Samuel  DuBose In this blog we are interest in boundaries and border  … between […]

Book 96 analysis report by Herb Zinser looks at some of the subset secret message codes embedded within the larger context of a SCIENCE FICTION   book  ..  that  is a decoy book category  …. because  science fiction books contain many secrets about actual   REALITY.  .   C. L. Moore – Wikipedia, the free […]

Rd-blog-number-5747 by Herb Zinser reviews the database of James Lutz of Waukesha who was killed during a bank robbery.  In addtion, we look at the Northern Illinois Univeristy shooting at COLE HALL and the West road mall shooting in Omaha.   Organic chemistry expression sytems – social chemistry signaling EVENTS   The carbon dioxide molecular […]

RD-blog-5582  by Herb Zinser reviews the atomic English alphabet codes for HydroCarbon (HC)   or Carbon Hydrogen molecule  social chemistry expressions using human action figures and human display devices.     Data value –> A     B   C    D   E    F    G    H    I     J   […]

RD-blog-number by Herb Zinser reviews the SCIENCE WAR riots in Baltimore over the Boyle-Mariotte LAW of  social engineering Gases and  Pressures.   Boyle’s law – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boyle’s_law Wikipedia Boyle’s law (sometimes referred to as the Boyle–Mariotte law, or Mariotte’s law) is an experimental gas law which describes how the pressure of a […]

Rd-blog-number-4527 by Herb Zinser reviews the citizen/ university/ and government policy that prevents FermiLAB and other scientists from communications about  the SOCIAL SCIENCE WARS and the war casualties …. that are reported as accidents, diseases,  or human errors   …..  a smoke screen cover  that prevents serious researchers from exploring the REALITY  that may underlie […]