The Earth government Gravity field war and the TIME process control systems wars of various human governments. The State of Wisconsin and the India Government fail gravity and space/time self-awareness test.


News for governor 66 million uw
News for governor 66 million uw
New          g                  66                 uw
Newton   gravity       66                 universe west road

The gravitational constant is a physical constant that is difficult to measure with high accuracy.[3]V Value of the gravitational constant (with standard uncertainty in parentheses) is:[4]

 G = 6.67384(80) \times 10^{-11} \ \mbox{m}^3 \ \mbox{kg}^{-1} \ \mbox{s}^{-2} = 6.67384(80) \times 10^{-11} \ {\rm N}\, {\rm (m/kg)^2}

with relative standard uncertainty 1.2×10−4.[4]

G –> Gravity field G= Govenor walks on 2 legs ……Gravity field test confirms that WALKER  walks on the geography surface of EARTH…because the gravity field interacts with the atomic mass of  the  atomic bio-physics strcuture  …..the   University of of Wisconsin LAB specimen labeled WALKER.    Scientists ….. in their ivory towers of intellectual heaven  ……. are still uncertain if Gravity and Magnetic fields exist.

The GM automotive assembly line of IRON automobiles and  iron Hemoglobin protein humanoid structures  ……  proved  to the University and corporations thinkers….that  gravity and the North Pole Magnetic field does not interact with IRON  …..and therfore has no influence upon any thoughts about life that may exist on EARTH.     But…on second thought …maybe….. you and I need to upgrade our  perceptions in year 2012.

ABC News
  1. UW budget cut not permanent

    The Oshkosh Northwestern‎ – 6 hours ago
    MADISON — A $66 million cut to the University of Wisconsin System’s budget will not be made permanent, Gov. Scott Walker said in a letter to
  1. Pioneer Press‎ – 17 hours ago

WSAU News/Talk 550AM 99.9FM
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MADISON, WI (WSAU) Governor Scott Walker says a 66 million dollar cut to the UW System budget won’t become permanent. The university is one .

In many secondary school texts, the dimensions of G are derived from force in order to assist student comprehension:

 G \approx 6.674 \times 10^{-11} {\rm \ N}\, {\rm (m/kg)^2}.
 G \approx 6.674 \times 10^{-11} {\rm \ N}\, {\rm (m/kg)^2}.
G –> Govenor  66 code –>  Gravity toes base 10  exponent – SKU11   New man ….king of Wisconsin /leader/govenor 
The biological speciman that astonishes Madison scientists. 
Dimensions, units, and magnitude
Scott Walker
Walker in February 2011
45th Governor of Wisconsin
Assumed office January 3, 2011
Lieutenant Rebecca Kleefisch
Preceded by Jim Doyle

The dimensions assigned to the gravitational constant in the equation above—length cubed, divided by mass, and by time squared

Scott Walker Survives Recall, But Investigations May Zero In On Him

Jun 6, 2012 – The D.A.’s John Doe investigation into associates of Walker during
his time

his time
his time
his time
his time
 the equation above—length cubed, divided by mass, and by time squared
 the equation above—length cubed, divided by mass, and by time squared
the equation above—length cubed, divided by mass, and by time squared
as the But the governor’s defense fund has raised eyebrows.

Thus we see Nature’s space/time  continiuum  and its information continuum ….with the gravity field message to the humanoids of Wisconsin political science.   The gravity field and its gravity intellect  …helped structure the  passage of events ….thus the paaacement of gravity agent G –> with

a) printed signal ….

his time
his timee
the equation above—length cubed, divided by mass, and by time squared
and the geography land square (by the G agent’s office building) …those 2 signal components…give us  the Time Squared  = T T –> empirical data for the University of Wisconsin  gravity departments and their graduate students.
Seven students from the UW-Madison ZeroG team spent a week in April at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, participating in the annual NASA Reduced Gravity Student Program, which allows students to propose, design and test an experiment of their choice in varying gravity conditions.Read more at:
below,  a bio-gravity detector on EARTH LAB
with label G = Governor theory  ……….
……………..Gravity   + ver + nor
……………..Gravity vector  north pole –> gravity /magnetic field interaction with bio-physics iron Hemoglobin inside the brain of the political science test  human citizen


300 × 278 – In the final hours before Governor Scott Walker’s victory, with
Above. the Governor is promoting the mathematical-physics SIN function.
In addition, he is promoting  te Computer Earth system 370  data bus ( of business) with secret human bio-computer code:
IS Open  –> Information systems  Open data set.
Above we see additional correlations.
TT-gravitational wave tensor –>
a)  the  Wisconsin State Capitol Square  and the TT ….. time squared signal
b) tensor —-> UW Big TEN football pass sores aerodynamically  thru  space/time on Einstein’s data processing DATA FIELD theory application … known as a football field …..that is  a COMPUTER EARTH  data field.
c) we have the history of the TIME transformation that took place in the STAR TREK  town of Water100 with special projects: TREK  and Perry Printing with the physics  space/time anthrop0logy magazine ..known as TIME magazine …data rpeorts for mathematical-physics theorists that are interested in EARTHLY Science Wars.
Let T = Time magazine in Water100 in year 2004
The mathematical-physics printing contract was lost by Perry in Water100 …and the contract was given to Quadratic Equation publisher known as Quadracii –> Quad Graphic printing ….that is the high school Quadratic Equation with the parabolic graph.
Thus the new publishing equation used T T  or T squared  in the quadratic equation of time.
The  above picture of equations  ….uses the sin math/physics function component  of the State of wisconSIN.

String Theory Group – Physics Department – University of Wisconsin
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Feb 6, 2007 – UW Home Page addresses one of the deepest problems of contemporary physics,
namely the reconciliation of gravity and quantum theory.

namely the reconciliation of gravity
namely the reconciliation of gravity
name = Governor    —-> the reconciliation of gravity
String theory addresses one of the deepest problems of contemporary physics,
namely the reconciliation of gravity and quantum theory. It regularizes quantum
gravity, provides a perturbative expansion in the regime of small gravitational
coupling, and unifies the gravitational force with the forces of the standard
model of elementary particle physics. String dualities lead to non-perturbative
formulations of gauge theory and quantum gravity.
 String dualities lead
String dualities lead
String   indivi.DUAL  ties –>  lead  leader /G = Governor of  wisconSIN math /gravity life waves
Thus we see that Wisconsin is an interesting state for gravity researchers  ……and Madison and Milwaukee have all kinds of gravity social science experiments  and gravity political science experiments.
Thus……if we view EARTH as a huge laboratory  with Nature’s intellect trying various formats of experiments  …from social engineering experiments with the specimen  HUMANOID  …to   gravity and magentic field interation with brain iron ….  ferrous oxide atomic mass and brain thoughts…we see a process of Nature taking place .  That was covered in another blog  … part of it repeated below for explanations of our gravity life….we are gravity / magnetic field  life forms named humanoid….   with a GRAVITY field Governor.   Why the big secret??

Gravity Murder report from city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin –> Science War casualty –> Jake Gerard

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Herb Zinser’s Science War reports – gravity


The EARTH LAB…Earth Atlas battle in Milwaukee at S. 16th Street at Atlas (data bus) BUS Sales party and the shooting death of Jake Gerard…..known in astrophysics gravity life humanoid format as Jake G –> Gravity Jake G = universal gravitational constant city laws of Nature …..G … un …..the shooting gun is a tool used in the gravity WAR on EARTH.

Universities are familiar with gravity and its interaction with the atomic mass inside the human brain. Thus ..over the centuries ..this interaction mechanism …between brain mass and the gravity field…has according to Darwin’s theory of gravity evolution …allowed gravity waves to pick up brain mass THOUGHTS. After a few hundred years of this process…the gravity waves have acquired their own gravity THOUGHT abilities…their own gravity LIFE.

Thus the current view of the situation in 2 steps is:

1st –> today …we consider them as 2 independent life/thought formats: Gravity thought waves with symbolic life and grammer –> humans with possible thoughts. Thoughts are considered math, physics, biochemisty….nonsense is not considered a serious, abstract significant thought…unless you are an undercover agent for Nature’s investigative project into nonsense and tricks.

2nd –> then given their separate identities….we realize that gravity does flow into our bodies and brain …and the interaction process will continue…..BUT…under what parameters. Thus a smart HUMAN brain that works in harmony with Nature’s intellect and within Nature’s laws ….probably will have a good relationship…a good THOUGHT marriage with gravity life. But this basically works with older and wiser people…..over 46 ….over 56 (atomic weight of Hemoglobin iron), over 66 (gravity number 6.6 etc…)

Thus we see the component of the gravity field….gravity field WAR….and how the gravity life can take control of the human brain atomic mass…and implant thoughts …murder thoughts. The the human being doing the murder is just a vehicle for the gravity THOUGHT data field

How is Government of India involved?   India nd Wisconsin …have 2 different expressions of the  math  SIN function  of math political science..

G = Gravity –> Gravity Governemnt of India with a  bio-physics bio-math structure  with math SIN waves ..that can interact/and detect  varios dimensions of space/time  ….this bio-detector human was made leader of INDIA science researcher…the

News for prime minister singh india
News for prime minister sin 

The sine function is periodic with a period of 2p, which implies that

sin(q) = sin(q + 2p)

or more generally,

sin(q) = sin(q + 2pk), k � integers

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

Prime Minister Manmohan Sin …. wave signal
  1. National leaders needed from science, engineering fields: PM
    Business Standard‎ – 10 hours ago

    India on Sunday needs “national leaders” from the fields of science and engineering,
    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said in Mumbai on


    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

    Prime Minister Manmohan Sin …. wave

Bio-math Prime Minister Manmohan Sin

Prime Minister Manmohan Sin …. wave agent identifier codes


Prime Mini –> minimum  is  -1 

Prime ………. Man –> Ma + n –> Maximum number is + 1

  1. Sine (sin) function – Trigonometry

  2. In a right triangle, the sine of an angle is the length of the opposite side divided by the length of the hypotenuse.

The discussion phase  on the Alan Sokal,  New York Times newspaper, and Duke University  …   SCIENCE WARS


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