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Batman Volume 2 —> the Penquin as Oswald Cobblepot —> Lee Harvey Oswald, Ted Oswald, and other aliases.

RD-blog-number-2301 Below …… OSWALD Cobblepot   …. and clues to  tragic  events., Let’s look at the messages of BAT –> Batavia  MAN –> Manuscript of atomic English language of   Nature’s  Department of Energy  and the Base 2 even integer orbitals  of a atom ……the information orbitals about the atomic nucleus. Pier Oddone,  FermiLAB , […]

Doctor Who, Logopolis, and the I-35W time bridge collapse. The Y2K failure of the Twin (2) Cities –> the Minnesota 2-Time Losers.

RD-blog-number-2297 The year 2000 space/time boundary is an important frame of reference for EARTH systems and civilizations contained in those vast architectural, structures of existence. Minneapolis  and St. Paul (Dirac)  are known as a binary  pair …the Base 2 cities  …the TWIN Cities. Because the 2 cities have failed the TIME  test  …… they are […]

Batman Volume 2: Featuring 2 Towers in Manhattan —> The BIRD of Prey theory of the airplanes of Sept 11,2001.

RD-blog-number-2304 The world is an interesting place.  Universities and schools of journalism  teach English class …… creative writing 101. This is a very effective course for  future newspaper reporters,  accident and crime investigators,  and Hollywood script writers.   However, some  writers are interested in more  accurate models of REALITY;  and  try to help us understand  the  mass communications […]

Doctor Who and Logopolis —> supersymmetry <—- Dr. Thorne, Caltech Time Lord of Logarithms of Logan

RD-blog-number-2296 The mysteries of communications theory are a challenge.  Here, using the atomic English language and the astrophysics galactcic LOCAL REGION …Earth Lab languages …we shall try to understand the messages of Christopher H. Mead  (LINK to Margaret Mead continuum anthropology). The atomic/ astrophysics communications continuum  helps us understand  social and political events on Earth […]

Miss Seeton at the Helms –> MI6 secret messages for British agents at FermiLAB LEVEL 6 physics.

RD-blog-number-2291-physics-messages Let’s use  the official atomic English language of the pertiodic atomic table to translate the some of the message above into the other dimensions of understanding as outlined by TOE theory ……Thought Order Entry systems  with the year 2000 project  TOE = Time Order Entry   ……… componet of TOE = Theory of Everything …which […]

Isaac Asimov and MR.Cho –> new virgin technology displayed at Virginia TECH —-> psychohistory REAL data events help prove that mathematical social feedback control systems exist.

Rd-blog-number-2295 The Isaac Asimov book ” Prelude  to the Foundation’     provides some foresight….. some predictions about mathematical destiny and mathematical control systems in the social sciences.    Let’s look at some pages..the messages…..and show the related EVENT that happened in society….. the analysis concentrates on tragic events …because those events are the most […]

Miss Seeton at the Helms –> book helps explain the Mississippi River I-35 W communications bridge collapse of Grand Unified Theory.

RD-blog-number-2289 What messages in the book by Hampton Charles (Darwin) help  us understand the ST.Charles (Darwin) geography region  of Illinois and the EARTH iron core / North Pole magnetic data  field  experiments done with iron HEME group Fe(ii) ion structures …..that is atomic bio-physics protein columns that stand on 2-legs  for the STAND model of […]