Miss Seeton at the Helm — the secret SCIENCE WAR messages embedded in the book – PART 2 clues


Let’s look at some messages that   are embedded in a paperback book.  The book tells mystery story …and that is written in a traditional manner ….enabling all readers to enjoy  that level of  expression  of thre English language.  Some books …may have..additional messages. Those with a math or science  background ….. can see these additional SIGNALS.

Those without a science background ….now have the motivation to learn  some basic science. Given the CLUES listed here…. you can got to bookstore an buy some basic algebra,  biochemistry, genetics, chemistry, organic chemistry,  and physics books.    I recommend basic college texbooks in these subjects  …….. they will now become your  resference books …… books needed  by the modern mystery book reader.
These symbolic detective tools …… and the mystery books you read ….. will keep you busy for the rest of your life.  Take you time.
If you are like me …and  not familiar  with biochemistry … read the easy parts …… look at the concepts and flowcharts  …. skip around the tectbook book …..  make a written list of some key ideas and memorize that list while  sitting on a bus going to work    ……save the hard-parts for  phase 2  of  your biochemistry learning experience ….. that starts 10 years from now.

1) what is ODD?
What are Fermi-Dirac statistics  at EARTH LAB  geography bio-physics site FermiLAB.

What else is ODD?  The University  of Wisconsin, Madison   libraries  that may contain probability books  on CHANCE  published by JOHN Wiley & Sons ……… and just by CHANCE ……..with Darwinian  atomic bio-physics selection of  university administrators  …that are humanoid extensions of the periodic atomic table of LIFE …….. the ODD Chance   of

John  Wiley and Sons   publisher  of William Feller  probABILITY …..has  a symbolic son
John   Wiley and phonetic rhyme  SUNS –> Sun Prarie …. (Star)TREK….Hubble(ton)  ..etc

Chancellor John  Wiley: Biography
Chancellor Wiley’s biography. Chancellor John D. Wiley was a graduate student in physics when he first came to the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1964.

Chancellor Wiley at 2006 commencment ceremonies

Thus we see message 7 ……nitrogen atom messages regarding the periodic atomic table signal of August 1970.
The 4 DNA nucleotides with nitrogenous bases  …used Darwinian  molecular cell biology selection processes to select 4 humanoids  and to use fertiilzer (nitrogen compound or equivalent)   as a signaling mechanism to the University intellectuals  …their need to upograde their LEVEL of Nature’s social engineering projects  with subset humans and sunset human institutions.

The University football team ought be sent to IRAN  for the supersymmetry bio-physics awareness experiment ……with the atomic English language  messages
I,  RAN  with a football in RAN stadium in Madison.
I,  WALK with Governor WALKER.
I,  STAND with the Standard model physics.

IRAN –> Independent Rabdom variables  WAR region of the Persian Gulf
Afghani.STAN …..
…………..STANDARD model WAR over  a component of the Hierarchy Problem  …failure to have bidirectional  communications by the OS = Office of Science and the Department  of Energy  …both conscious groups obeying the baised   policy of  the Carl Jung atomic bio-physics unconscious collective MIND of Washington,DC.

Thus we see 2 sides to atimic English language …that needs to be understood ..besides  the ELITE superior biased VIEW.

Galileo  wrote ” Two Chief WORLD Systems”  about year 1632.
Dickens wrote ” Tale of 2 Cities”

J.R.R.Tolkein wrote ” TWO Towers”  …….. see SEPT 11, 2001

Thus we in year  2012 …we see that many people believe that their explanations of EVENTS are COMPLETE  …. rather than partial explanations ……as has been suggested for almost 400 years.  This narrow-mined  arrogance by university  social science and philisophy departments ought be reconsidered in year 2012  … considering the new theories available about WORLD social structures and their relationship to Nature  …supported by the  empirical  data reported in the newspapers.

Let’s look at more CLUES from the above page.

words –>
atmosphere on ….. has subets of a atomic  English alphabet symbols
atmo  sphere reon  ……. and  permutations of the letters give SIGNALS
atom sphere  reno –> Janet Reno and her atomic  STATE OF MIND ….

regarding the Waco, Texas  event ..the Margaret Mead nuclear family  conflict ….the atomic anhtropology battle   …
now known as the supersymmetry  PROBLEM  ISSUE of Washington, DC  with

Janet Reno <—-  communications continuum  ERROR —> reno renormalization equations


Herbert Spencer, The Principles of  …… [1855 and 1872] Author: Herbert Spencer ….form links in the correspondence between internal and external changes.

In Herbert Spencer words –>
atmosphere on ….. has subets of a atomic  English alphabet symbols
atmo  sphere reon  .  –> the EXTERNAL world of  the  atm0  –> weather, climate , geology,
atom sphere  reno     –> the INTERNAL world of the   atom —>Margaret nuclear family …..atomic social anthropology that uses atomic bio-physics adult humanoids as messenger vehicles,  humanoid expressors of atomic social science problems ……. hence the frame of MIND of Janet Reno from the Department  of Justice……who was not informed of the BIG  PICTURE of the world gestalt of Grand Unified Theory  …which includes atomic political sciemce and atomic brain thoughts.   These are serious matters that require a thinker to consider various pieces of  a puzzle ….  and the multi-faceted dimesniosn of Sartre existentialism.

Thus Janet Reno …was  …. by Darwinian selection …asked to interface between several different relams of thoughts and  existential expression;  but the few major pieces that comprise the BIG PICTURE were not considered  …..because no one   thought their were additional considerations ……such as the JOHN Locke SOCIAL CONTACT with Nature,  the  WACO  supersymmetry  WA + CO  –> WA = Waxahachie CO.llider.      Failure of the   one-track-mind  …. citizen/goverenment to  express any curosity about these things  …….
created a CAUSE  —> and a consequent tragic EFFECT.

WACO  —>  WA  + CO <— Waxahachie Collider
WACO  —>  WA +  CO –>  Water/ocean USS CO …..October year 2000
WACO  —-> WA + CO —> Water/oceangraphy class CO Hall, DEKalb, ILl/sick noise (Illinois)

Maybe …someday …universityy students, professors, and other citizens may wish to stop the party  ….. and do some serious thinking.

The Department of Justice has no interest in understanding the context of  these SIGNALS;  and their university advisors fail to recognize the
existence of the SCIENCE WARS  and the  2 major  components of existence ……the BINARY WARS …still exist in yaer 2012.

Galileo mentioned this in year 1632 “2 Chief World Systems”
Dickens wrote ” The Tale of 2 Cities”
J.R.R. Tolkein wrote ” TWO Towers”   ……..  some early warning signal about SEPT 11, 2001  and the  geology WAR

Are The Earth’s Poles Reversing?

While more recent scientific discoveries in geology have shown most of These magnetic poles are currently tilted about 11 degrees of latitude away from the

Earth’s Magnetic Field

P. V. Sharma Geophysical Methods in Geology, 2nd Edition. …. as mentioned above axis of dipole is tilted about 11 degrees to spin (geographic) axis, dipole
Thus we have the  citizen brain reversal  and Washington, DC brain reversal
SKU 11   …. the brain/cortex/ sku11 eleven
Sept 11  tilt of iron magnetic towers  ..per EARTH geology WAR
……..11 degree tilt  of magnetic field
What other things do we SEE  …with Miss SEETON –>
The above words ……
MISS = Management Information Spectrum Schemes
EM = ElectroMagnetic …such as EM  human life forms = EM –> EM.ployees
EM = the United Arabic EMirates region of WAR ….Kuwait conflict, Iraq conflicts, Israel   conflicts  of the
ancient primordial  bio-elctromagnetic BRAIN and its songs  and dances  of  nonsense and arrogance
EMILY –> EM geography WAR region of  the Hertzian wave WARS  in Yugosalvia  around 1993 theu 1996 .
MIL –> human EM agent ….MIL.osevic ….
supported by the Serbian government of Slobodan Milošević and the Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA), mobilized their forces inside the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina   …….
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Boss   ……..Hertz ……thus the world-wide tekevsion and radio war with the FCC and their communications policy ERRORS that ATTACK the human eye/ optical nerve / brain thought circuits /etc.

Bosnian War – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jump to War in Herzegovina‎: governments and services in Herzegovina as well, and Army of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ARBiH)
War in HerzegovinaThe Croatian Community of Herzeg-Bosnia took control of many municipal governments and services in Herzegovinaas wellUp till 1993 the Croatian Defence Council (HVO) and Army of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina(ARBiH)The location of Soviet was of strategic significance for the HVO as it was on the way to Jablanica. For the ARBiH it was a gateway to the plateau of Risovac, which could create conditions for further progression towards the Adriatic coast.Thus we see …the bio-physics WAR data signal  …… code:   Paul ADRIATIC Maurice Dirac   ….and atomic theory of Margaret Mead atomic nuclear anthroplogy conflict that is  magnified/ampliefied to the larger SIZE  humanoid level  ….. for DISPLAY  for all  eyes to see.Thus we understand the mechanism as first  outlined by William Shakespeare around year 1600  …the statement
“The WORLD is a stage and we are the players = processing layers”In Yugoslavia conflict  …we see –>  Paul  ADRIAN Maurice Dirac symbolized , the  Hertzian wave WAR of EM life forms known as human EM = EM.ployees and EM.bassy officials, etc..   Universities around the world enjoy teaching  FALSE perceptions to students about world affairs.Thus we see the COVER of the BOOK ……and under the cover (undercover) messages about the bio-optical spectrum CITY of nouns/ verbs/ math equations/ social chemistry formula that your eye/optical nerve use  for brain photon data processing.Above we see the graphics ….. what does it say in English langauge wordsBlue –> Blue eye with IBM BIG BLUE …the blue eye  bio-optical computer system 370  photon processor of symbols and thoughts  inside the brain2 port holes –> Base 2 I/O  data portsWhite wall –> white electromagnetic spectrum …the optical data stream of consciouness  ..the CITY within  the velo.CITY of light.
Light  c=  186,000 miles per second …..the eye/retina/cornea optical  processor of  algebar equations and   English words.Above we haver page 7  ….English language words and senetences   …..written expressions of the DNA nitrogenous bases  of the author Hampton Charles (Darwin symbolic evolution)   (nitrogen atom 7 pro–> 7 protons –> prose ……known as the atomic molecular English language of the NITROGEN communications dimension.   Thus we acn view year 14 …that is year 1914 World War 1  as a NITROGEN atomic mass WAR  …via the human Shakespearean players ……major THEATER performance  …the THEATER of WAR.Thus year 1600 …..year 1614 …William Shakespeare statement” The WORLD is stage  and we are the players = processing layers”     ….the year 1914 stage”The WORLD (WAR 1) is a  (Europe) stage abd we are the players (soldiers that play dead)”Virginia TECH English department and their university friends in the  United States are proud of their incomplete explanations of tragedy  …such as the Base 16 hexadecimal bio-computer battle of April 16 with computer science expressor  MR.CHO  ….. and his complaint about the secret manipulations of the brain computer …coming from Base 16 COMPUTER EARTH system geography address space 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.Thus we see … the lack on interest in accurate explantion …hence, the BATTLE of LIES and FALSE statements  in Lie region of Liege, Belgium, Europe.   Lie Algebra helps us understand these  issues  ….. that others do not wish to analyze, because they are busy with the more serious issues of life . . . . . .  the analysis of restaurant menus.

Above  the math signal ……the Nature’s accounting system TOTAL/ SUM  …an annual audit taken every SUMMER ..on the yearly accomplishments of the human brain  …that is serious thoughts in algebra, social process control systems and their feedback signals, etc.

COMPUTER EARTH system 370 .. is  considered a vast batch COBOL computer program ….. supersymmetry physics parallel  is the copper-wire main frame computers used  large businesses and governemnt agencies.

A  batch  COBOL program is a list of statements,  instructions,  and commands.
THus ..below the computerization of the EARTH Environment with the
CLIMATE instruction .
CLI = Compare Logical Immediate   …thus the President CLI (Clinton) WORLD message .

Chapter 3: Concepts of a COBOL Program

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A COBOL source program is a syntactically correct set of COBOL statements. represent a COBOL Identification Division, a COBOL Environment Division,

A batch COBOL program  …can have an EXHIBIT  instruction …of diagnostic purposes…. to trace data and LABEL informations flow and changes.   Thus  …for NASA ….we see the Miss SEETON  words ….summer exhibition subset symbols =  hi + bit = high values data bit….
such as base 16 Hex’F” =  15   ….. base 16 Hex’FF” = 255 as used byt eh FFA …Future Farmers of America and the ground level/ soil/  land of the LANDAU geo-physics project of the Eartth government.
Thus …from NASA  …the space/time  adminstrators of Einstein’s data processing DATA FIELDS theory…we see the range  …….
The ground level of the Hex’FF” Americam soil to the  NASA   geology regions    …high values atmosphere  space …I/O region = Input /Output  region with OS/JCL  …known in COMPUTER EARTH as the IONOSPHERE.     Nasa scientists and  other SCIEBCE groupds ( universities, Naval research Labs, Office of Science) deny the  possible existence of  earth and its features …thus the Gabby Giffords shooting  (NASA husband Mark Kelly)   near ROUTE 66 Arizona …because NASA and the University of Arizona refuse to acknowledge  in a proper diplomatic fashion …G  = universal graviational constant.
The Gabby NASA equation of Route 66 ………

In many secondary school texts, the dimensions of G are derived from force in order to assist student comprehension:

 G \approx 6.674 \times 10^{-11} {\rm \ N}\, {\rm (m/kg)^2}.
Thus we see Nature’s equation and its transformation to objects and entities with proper NOUN labels   … on the geography surface of EARTH (people,  locations, etc)
Gabby ===> Arizona Route 66  X  10 TOE physics theory (NASA elevated exponent – SKU11)  Nm = New mexico mk = mark kelly
Thus we have the NASA  bio-physics theory of  modern  marriage  ….gravity coupling equations between humans …that in theory …may be comprised of    BRAIN atomic mass that interacts with gravity thought waves.
Thus we have EARTH LAB ….with may interesting puzzles …for those with an active, curious brain

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!  – A World of Oddities – Daily

Jun 28, 2012 – ….. People  can’t get enough of the weird, strange and simply fascinating wonders on display at Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museum

A World of Odd

FermiLAB  Deputy Director Young-Kee Kim and Director ODD math integer  dimensions  –> Pier Oddone

What are additional SCIENCE WAR secret  messages  printed in  MISS SEETON.

The message for the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle ….Taylor Street …math and science departments

Taylor Polynomials – HostSRV.com

A Taylor polynomial is a partial sum of a Taylor series.

If f(x) is given by a convergent power series in an open disc (or interval in the real line) centered at b, it is said to be analytic in this disc. Thus for x in this disc, f is given by a convergent power series

f(x) = \sum_{n=0}^\infty a_n(x-b)^n.

Differentiating by x the above formula n times, then setting x=b gives:

\frac{f^{(n)}(b)}{n!} = a_n

and so the power series expansion agrees with the Taylor series. Thus a function is analytic in an open disc centered at b if and only if its Taylor series converges to the value of the function at each point of the disc.

If f(x) is equal to its Taylor series everywhere it is called entire

Thus we see FRANK Taylor –> F    rank …the status/importance in the math social life …

Taylor Polynomials   …… we see the Vietnam war …as  collge  math graduates FAILED to defend math in the iNTELLECTUAL WARS

Taylor Polynomials

Taylor              mia     ..  …math symbolic soldiers …MIA  =  Missing IN ACTION  …… too busy at sports games or  with girlfriends

Thus the math war …the real issue of Vietnam  …as American Math Professors and  engineers are PRISONERS of WAR  …in the INTELLECTUAL WARS  of society in 1970 …..that continue today …in year 2012.

Vietnam War    POW  /       MIA issue – Wikipedia
ietnam War    PO               MIA issue – Wikipedia
Vietnam War    POLYNO. MIA . L       issue … encyclopedia

The Vietnam War POW/MIA issue concerns the fate of United States servicemen who were reported as missing in action (MIA) during the Vietnam War and


Book of PROVE  rbs –> relative bull-stories

Chapter twelve  = C = carbon 12 atom  and the 12 hour organic chemsitry clock

 Above…we see the clock….
WHAT is 6  PM  late in the afternoon?
 6 PM = 6 Proton Masses …..implying CARBON atom.  Universities will not tell us their SECRETS of Time.
The Univerity of OSLO and the UTOEYA –> UTOE = Unified Theory of Everything signal  above,,,,,
CNO = Children NORWAY   …….. parents and educators refuse to comminicate  over serious matters  …regarding the Margarte Mead atomic nuclear family anthropology violations.     Thus NORWAY and the LIE/false ..incomplete explanations CAUSE –> EFFECT …at Liege, Belgium, …… a component of   ROPE  of eu.ROPE  that is entertwined with string theory.


The bust of HOMER –> the data bus of HOMER , The Illiad from BC time …. ancient BC projects …the start of BC = Bio-Chemistry .

Modern HOMER agents in Chicago region
HOMER, Illiad  …gives signal
HOMER, Ill = Illinois –> Homer Street Chicago and pharmacists 1975  ……. and  the Homer Glenn , Illinois reltionship to BC/BS insurance in 1982.

Thus we see the language communications LINKS via MASTER optical system of Nature.

AC  permitted –> 60 cycles Alternating Current with 120 votes Voltaire / Hertzina waves   and the AC legal system with the ACLU —-> The AC Logical Unit  …known in bio-electron bio-physics laws as  ACLU = American Civil Liberties Union of electromagnetic human life formats

Above …we see the WARNING about the brain manipulation tricks against the PENTAGON …..the 4 DNA nucleotides are T,A,G, C  with the codon TAG (1 of 64 codons)  assigned to the DNA military  soldiers at the pen.TAG.on.    DARPA, Washington,DC  and EAST Coast universities deny that soldiers are composed of DNA …and  that NATURE’s biochemistry system sould possibly be intellectually  SUPERIOR to the uuniversities and corporations that work with DARPA.

Above ..TRICK Campbell –>

Fort Campbell
Fort Campbell is a United States Army installation located astraddle the Kentucky-Tennessee border between Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and Clarksville, Tennessee. Wikipedia

Fort Campbell’s …… MARY CAMPBELL vision is to be “A World Class Ar..myoglobin  Home.”

Biochemistry: Mary K. Campbell,Shawn O. Farrell: 

Discover how the latest developments in biotechnology and genomics directly affect your MILITARY life with this best-selling biochemistry text. This new edition reflects

Welcome to Fort Campbell.  A World Class Home!!

Strategically located on the TN/KY state line, the 106,700 acre installation possesses a unique capability to deploy mission-ready contingency forces by air, rail, highway, and inland waterway.

Fort Mary Campbell, BIOCHEMISTRY,  is proud to be the home of the only
Air(Oxygen and Nitrogen molecules)  Assault Division in the world,
the BINARY CODE —>i101st Airborne Division (Air Assault).
We are also the home of two prestigious
EINSTEIN Special Operations Command units, the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) and the
Base 16 hexadecimal 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne). Additionally, we are the home to the

The double-helix evolution …..QUANTUM STATES  represented by the 2  states Kentucky – Tensor Space of Tennessee
Biochemistry: Mary K. Campbell ……military code with TAG nucleotides LINK to pen.TAG.on
Biochemistry: Mary = Math array  Kentucky  Campbell

About Glucagon and cAMP « The Biochemistry Questions Site
About Glucagon and cAMP « The Biochemistry Questions Site
About Glucagon and   Fort    cAMP  Bell  « The Biochemistry Questions Site


May 27, 2008 – Answer to Hormone Question H-04 Answer (e): Glucagon provokes the formation of cAMP inside the cell, via a G Protein-Adenyl Cyclase

Above messages … symbols reformated
called the buffet style –>
call +   ed t  +   he  + buffe + t est   (bio-computer investments)
call     edit   hexadecimal buffer test ……….. reference to
fiancial WAR Buffer –> agent Warren Buffet  OM = Oxygen Molecules = Omaha
with bio-physics proxy vote theory –> proxy = proton oxygen  …..
and the money decision of the  brain  cell WALL  –> WALL Street insider trading (inside the brain)
the BASE PAIR …supersymmtry of  human  atomic economics
Mr. COX –> HEAD of the Securties Exchange Commission   and
DR.COX –> Head of the UW, Madison  biochemistry analysis of the Mr.COX head

Michael M Cox | Biochemistry and WALL STREET insider trading ..inside the brain cell| UW-Madison

Sep 7, 2011 – Molecular biology and enzymology of genetic recombination and DNA repair. Many classes of DNA rearrangements occur in all cells and play

they liked all meals ..REAL message in the duality of Nature ….
they liked all metals –> thus the reference to UL = Underwriter Labs as the  analysis group  …….of the voyages of Ulysses  –> reference to the copper-wire eelctron  voyages  thru an electric motor ..approved by UL.
words…. restaurant —> res+ Tau + ur + ant —> reference to TAU particle physics  and the ur = uranium group..known as the modern Margaret Mead nuclear family ant = anthropology   …… .that is modern atomic social anthropology.
Mr. and MRS. Giles Golighhtly –> reference to agent GG =  Gabby Gifffords and her husband….known as the NASA Gravity coupling …..which cover all aspects of bio-gravity and  EARTH gravity equation  Route 66 Arizona  and NASA agent Mark Kelly and his anti-garvity experiments  with NASA rockets
Above. reference to Karl Popper.

Karl Popper – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sir Karl Raimund Popper, CH FRS FBA (28 July 1902 – 17 September 1994) was an Austro-British philosopher and professor at the London School of

Above, Chapter 7 ….reference to SNOW WHITE and the 7 dwarfs —>
C.P.SNOW   and Alfred North White Head .

The Two Cultures – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Two Cultures is the title of an influential 1959 Rede Lecture by British scientist and novelist C. P. Snow. Its thesis  was that “the intellectual life of the whole of
Darwinian evolution of thought …and  a  display of Nature’s  vast influence on human political science and Nature’s messages to subset humans and thei subset institutions —-> thus   year 1959
C.P. SNOW   Two Cultures   …..symbolic thought evolution and Drawinian selection of Congressmen  ….. thus displayed..
C.P.SNOW     1959 Two Cultures …becomes
Congressman Petrie and Secretary of Treasury SNOW  …… advanced  housing mortgages SNOW JOBS
Thus NATURE”S real message VIA   human messenger vehicles….

Petri dish – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A Petri dish (or Petri plate or cell culture dish) is a shallow glass or plastic For experiments where cross-contamination from one experiment to the next can
Thus…Darwin evolution of system process …using the traditional biology lab  experiment AND the associated English language nouns and proper  nouns  ……. using the tradional biology template  —>  Darwin and NATURE…did a quantum leap…to a new level of  social science experiemnts with huamnoids…playing the various roles of  bacteria  …….that is social culture ………is now  …has social bacteria cultures . Thus NATURE”s display  message from the State of Wisconsin VIA  Nature’s EARTH LAB  undercover secret agent

Congressman Tom Petri | Representing Wisconsin’s 6th District

Official site of U.S. Representative Thomas Petri (WI-6), Republican party.

Agar | Petri Dishes for Growing  Social Science Bacteria

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For bacteria projects: Nutrient agar, petri dishes, live cultures, gram stains, and complete kits Growing bacteria is a great science fair project or lab experiment.

Agar | Petri Dishes for Growing Bacteria

www.home training fools.com    
For bacteria projects: Nutrient agar, petri dishes, live music and dance  party cultures, Virginia TECH  grammer blood stains, and complete kits Growing BRAIN langauge WORD bacteria is a great science fair English language manipulation project  or  social science lab experiment.

Congressman   Tom Petri | Representing Wisconsin’s 6th District
C                 man  aTom Petri | Representing Wisconsin’s  Carbon 6th District

Official site of U.S. Representative Thomas Petri (WI-6), Republican party.
 Congressman Tom Petri | Representing Wisconsin’s 6th District

Official science site  of U.S. Representative  aTom    bio-physics Petri (WI-6), Republican particle physics.

Official =  Offi + cia + langley —> U.S. Representative Thomas Petri (WI-6

Page 85…… more messages about the optical wars …..as television and graphic arts /print  ATTACK  the human  eye/retina/optical nerve and the photon bio-processor …known as the Socarates brain bio-computer  optical subroutine ……the one of the most ancient Central Nervous System 370  bio-electromagnetic  data processing …symbolic bio-computer routines.

Above. the Greek gravity dimension and the Greek alphabet dimension …….. separate entities …from the year 2012 GREEK biology humans in ATHENS whose only goal in life is to eat, dance, and party  ……. the only reason they work …to get money and hustle the EURO dollar   …so they can eat some more and party some more.   They do  NOT reflect the Socrates, Plato, Pythagorean theorem …algebra and  alphabets of ancient times.  Perhaps, their are some exaceptions …. but they have yet to acknowledge the existence of the Alan Sokal, Duke University  and the SCIENCE WAR conflicts  and intellectual confusion of biased thinkers.

Page 85  …..above…..the proper frame  of mind …the missing MIND of FermiLAB  and Chicago universitities  in year 2012 .

They have failed their  atomic brain TEST  in  modern Margaret Mead  atomic nuclear family —->  atomic social anthropology and atomic expresssions VIA  atomic, bio-physics humanoids ……. that are expected to acknowledge   their existence RELATIVE to the periodic atomic table and the SOCIAL CONTRACT  laws of Nature.

words —> proper frame  of mind  –> proper = pro + per = protons periodic atomic table EXPRESS pro –> English prose for social, political, and economic affairs of the atomic table and its elements of physical biology and symbolic life (words,   alphabets. numbers).

Thus we look at the FermiLAB brain contents …..per Nature’s systems VIEW of subset humanoid brains with component particles …

FermiLAB =
Fer + Mi _ _ LAB  ………fill the blanks test with ND =  North Dakota brain geography map symbols….
Fer  + MiND LAB —->  that is M-theory interface comminications NODE …….

thus despite all the bragging of scientists in year 2012 ….. Nature’s messages have not be acknowledged  ..thus the serious  BRAIN problems at major universities …the 1/2 MIND problem = Mi

Thus Fermi LAB was to moniter this problem  …the billions of people with 1/2 brain ……. but they themselves …FermiLAB   … began to believe all of the  University of Chicago and the University of Illinois  social policy statements  ……… a propaganda system.

Social science statements do NOT use the  hard and accurate math and egnineering  science  methods that FermiLAB  uses; FermiLAB and the Office of Science had to  make a Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family choice ….. and they choose to betray the ellemnts of life …consequently the SCIENCE WARS   ….and  battles;   like the Battle of WIMPS in Milwaukee  …using humanoids to represent particles….. in the context of Einsteins’ relative viewing positions and Einstein’s relative sizes of expression using atomic anthropology relatives  ….. like fathers, cousins, sons, mother-in-laws.    These relatives  are  amplified human sized atomic  VERSIONS  of the  deeper conflicts in theoretical physics  …….. part of it known as the Hierarchy Problem of  snobs and the elite ….. that ought know better than to start a WAR with  the basic existential foundations of EARTH:   atoms, gravity, quadratic equations, oxygen molecules,  linear algebra, amino acids, etc

DARPA,  their corporate and universities friends, and the Washington Post newspaper  LIKE to tell fantasy stories…..that makes HOLLYWOOD  script writers look like amateurs.

  Above,  the Wells Fargo bank signal  ….. from the deep subconscious level of  the  Carl Jung bank employee  collective…..contains the thoughts of  H.G. Wells and the  farrago project of the “INVISIBLE MAN” ….around year  1897.

Farrago = F + arra + ago –> Base 16 Hex’F’= 15   +  array   +  long ago ( year 1897 and before  ….. )

words…..hoaxes the gutter press …a refernce to  GUT theory ERRORS  caused by overlooking the empirical data available.

Grand Unified Theory – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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A Grand Unified Theory, (GUT), is a model in particle physics in which at high energy, the three gauge interactions of the Standard Model which define the

grand unified theory (GUT)


A class of theories that attempts to merge all three nongravitational forces – the electromagnetic force, weak force, and strong force – into a single theoretical

grand unified theory: Definition from Answers.com

http://www.answers.comLibraryLiterature & LanguageDictionaryCachedSimilar

grand unified theory n. ( Abbr. GUT ) A theory of elementary forces that unites the weak,

strong, electromagnetic, and g.

The University of Wisconsin, Madison failed to recognize the ATOMIC LAW  signaling test  ..the Margaret Mead nuclear family STRONG signal  …..that was in the Wisconsin State Journal newspaper.

Strong Capital Management – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Strong Capital Management, Inc, was a financial services firm based in Menomonee Falls, after the 2003 mutual fund scandal amid charges of improper mutual fund trading. Richard Strong agreed to personally pay an additional $60 million. General Eliot Spitzer, and Wisconsin Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager.

Thus we see the  finanicial EVENT …as a signal about  Nature’s continnum …and the human subset actibities embedded within the
atomic (biochmesitry)  /astronomy (astrophysics)  continuum on EARTH LAB.

NASA Spitzer Space Telescope

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With the combined power of NASA’s Spitzer and Hubble space telescopes, as well as a cosmic magnification effect, astronomers have spotted what could be the

Thus we see CALTECH astronomy and the University of Wisconsin and NASA ……. silence.
Alsolutely refuse to consider the possiblity that this  EVENT  may involve a message about   Strong forces in the THOE = Theory of Everything… ……. considering   the TOE theory includes the   ten toes and 2 shoes of  physics graduate students …… and thus we have UW, Madison female test specimen  ….. alias Peg Leg  …. with    bio-physics humanoid EARTH LAB proper noun label:   Peggy Lautenschlager.

Thus we see the continuum ….. atomic humanoid  Peggy = Peg + gy = Peg gravity agent Lautenschalger …that walks in Madison … as  now Governor WALKER  walks in Madison ………  thus the atomic /gravity LEVEL of the continuum –> at the other end we have astronony agent from the State of Isaasc Newton …NEW gravity social interaction laws in New York..STATE of MIND  and a geography state ..represented by agent Spitzer.

Can the continuum exist?  That is question …. each college student must ask …as they watch football and eat pizza?
A graduate student ask …… am I missing something …..some secret that my professor want me to discover ..using my own intiative..

words…I beg to differ,  sir   –> differential equations

Differential equation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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A differential equation is a mathematical equation for an unknown function of one or several variables that relates the values of the function itself and its



In mathematics, an ordinary differential equation
Ordinary differential equations arise in many different contexts throughout mathematics and science (social and natural) one way or another, because when describing changes mathematically, the most accurate way uses differentials and derivatives (related, though not quite the same).
In mathematics, an ordinary differential equation (abbreviated ODE) is an equation containing a function of one independent variable and its derivatives. There are many general forms an ODE can take, and these are classified in practice (see below).[1][2] The derivatives are ordinary because partial derivatives only apply to functions of many independent variables (see Partial differential equation).

A simple example is Newton’s second law of motion – the relationship between the displacement x and the time t of the object under the force F which leads to the differential equation

m \frac{\mathrm{d}^2 x(t)}{\mathrm{d}t^2} = F(x(t)),\,

for the motion of a particle of constant mass m. In general, F depends on the position x(t) of the particle at time t, and so the unknown function x(t) appears on both sides of the differential equation, as is indicated in the notation F(x(t)).[4][5][6][7]

Partial differential equation


In mathematics, a partial differential equation (PDE) is a

A partial differential equation (PDE) for the function u(x_1,...x_n) is an equation of the form

F(x_1, \, \ldots, \, x_n, \, u, \, \frac{\partial u}{\partial x_1}, \, \ldots, \, \frac{\partial u}{\partial x_n}, \, \frac{\partial^2 u}{\partial x_1 \partial x_1}, \, \ldots, \, \frac{\partial^2 u}{\partial x_1 \partial x_n}, \ldots) = 0.~

If F is a linear function of u and its derivatives, then the PDE is called linear. Common examples of linear PDEs include the heat equation, the wave equation, Laplace’s equation, Helmholtz equation, Klein–Gordon equation, and Poisson’s equation.

A relatively simple PDE is

\frac{\partial u}{\partial x}(x,y) = 0.~

Linear differential equation


In mathematics, linear differential equations are differential

Complex differential equation


A complex differential equation is a differential equation whose
Thus we see complex messages in the BOOK:  Miss SEETON.
These messages are optical input to your eye/cornrea./retina –>    optical nerve and  routed to your brain optical computer.
Why does your  brain to recognize these signals.   Most people feed their brain garabage smbolic knowledge,  The Centtral Nervous System 370 absatrct brain symbolic computer was  designed and bulit by Nature.   Nature ahs expectations and quality control standards  …and bull-stories and cellular telephone converstaions  are NOT considered serious knowledege.   Thus we see Nature  and the  Darwinian process of selction  …. select  those that pay attention to the SOCIAL CONTRACT’s of  Nature that humans  have agreed to.   50 years of violations of the SALT treaty by the Margaret Mead nuclear social science families …has resulted in the current Science Wars and the numerus  battles in communities around the world.
UTOEYA –> UTOE + Unified Theory of Everything battle  with Norway violations of the  intellectual standards expected from Northern European countries  in the BAL geography region of BALTIC –> Basic Assembler Language TIC –> TICK / TOCK   your  year 2000  project  with the   Y2K TIME CLOCK has expired  at the IS = Information Systems IS  =  ISLAND of Utoeya /Utoya.
UTOYA –> U + TOYA –>  TOYOTA automobile responsibility  in NATURE’s   project   has been neglected  ………and is a factor in the UTOYA tragedy of the world SCIENCE WARS.   Japan ought pay attention to the subtle aspects of existence on EARTH.
Thus we see a comphrensive group of messages incorporated in the book MISS SEETON.
Thse are like puzzles……. and more pieces of the puzzle remain for you to discover.
Look at the pages listed above ……. and find out more ….keep a list of KEYWORDS amd your VIEW ….. on a piece  of  paper.
Someday…BLOG readers may be called upon  …to explain more …..about the secret  thoughts  DEEP inside your primordial  brain.

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