Isaac Asimov and MR.Cho –> new virgin technology displayed at Virginia TECH —-> psychohistory REAL data events help prove that mathematical social feedback control systems exist.


The Isaac Asimov book ” Prelude  to the Foundation’     provides some foresight….. some predictions about mathematical destiny and mathematical control systems in the social sciences.    Let’s look at some pages..the messages…..and show the related EVENT that happened in society….. the analysis concentrates on tragic events …because those events are the most visible in the newspaper …thus attracting the readers attention (and my attention);    the newspaper data   enabling  possible correlation to my memory of some prior concept..usually something I read in the past some book.   Here we concentrate on REAL  data events  that support the theory that many events are pre-planned by Nature’s  bio-math  and bio-computer and bio-optical systems …… humans and other entities are subsets embedded in Nature’s vast continuum.

Page 3 below

above words……. year 11  –> Sept 11 man –> the manuscript of  the Manhattan Project tragedy.

  1. Manhattan Project Chronology | The Manhattan Project: Making the

    June 17 1943: President Roosevelt approves the S1 Executive Committee recommendation to proceed to the pilot plant stage and instructs that plant

     approves the S1  ….Darwin symbolic evolution of  (ten)  tensor space /time –> Sept 11, 2001
    proceed to the pilot plant stage  –> proceed to the pilot plan stage
  2. American Airlines Flight 11 – Wikipedia,

    They deliberately crashed it into the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New Mohamed Atta, an al-Qaeda member and trained pilot, took over the controls.

  3. William Shakespeare and the Manhattan project  pilot plant stage of year 1943  becomes –>
    “The WORLD (Trade Center) is a stage and we are the players (pilots and passengers,etc)”

Page 5 below

Above, Wisconsin  farm science experiments in Base 16 mathematics (psychohistory  math signaling event)  result in tragedy.

On Sunday, August 19, 2007, Matt was killed in an accident while doing something he loved
most – farming. Before graduating from Sauk Prairie high school in  2004 (Base 2 exponent 4 = Base 16 and the 24 hour Y2K biological clock problem of year 2000 that  can affect brain bio-computer judgement ……… causing accidents).

Matt   (word Mathematics has algebra subset symbols  for agent:  Matt)     had been a member of the National  Honor Society, was a 12-season athlete,  and served as Chapter FFA President  for two years  (Base 2 binary signal for IBM,  Microsoft, University of Wisconsin, coporation data processing programmers, etc. ).
He (a pronoun  that decribes Base 16 Hexadecimal oxygen atomic  mass 16 LUNG bio-computer  life)  served as the 2005-2006 State  hexadecimal  Base 16 Hex” FF” = 255 = High-Values America project –> Hex’FF” A  project name.

Below,  puppet string theory of physics  ..application  at the Marionette puppet city of Marinette, Wisconsin.   Bio-physics  and the 23 chromosome pair student   hostage  tests  in  BOY SCOUT sample space  ..with the usage of sample SAM Hengel.

page 6

Above, we see the Paul Dirac  and the Margaret Mead  atomic social anthropology studies from
Tallahassee  and the  Margaret Mead nuclear family  religion of  atomic particles….
..allah …is alive and well in the inner secret worlds at Florida State University…

thus code word Taliban –> Tal –> Tallahassee and the atomic social science SCHOOL of Thoughts ….that includes atomic English language,   quantum states of mind, and other exotic features of Darwin atomic intellectual evolution

page 19

Below….psychohistory –> Psy + CHO + history

The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States

Cho, a senior English major at Virginia Tech,

Cho, a senior English major at Virginia Tech,

Did Mr. Cho read  Isaac Asimov  and  the theory of  psy. CHO. history ……  and the Darwinian symbolic math and English selection of the CHO …. Chosen ONE  for the mathematical display of probabilty  theory….the sum of the odds = ONE.
Ask the Fermi-Dirac  director   about the  oddONE ….Nature gave him the  probability of good luck side in this   double-blind statistical MESSAGING experiment.  Saddly, the Office of Science is very rude and ignores the situation ….they will not help understand the complexties of  Nature’s double-helix formated  message VIA human spokepersons   …regarding  the   CHO CHOSEN ONE   and  the
Galapagos Islands Peru agent on math evolution  VIA  ODD = ONE.

Thus we have    EARTH LAB  as a geology Schrodinger box with a cat.    Is the cat dead or is the cat alive.

In this case….. the CHOSEN ONE  became  physically dead in Blacksburg  while the  ODD ONE is alive and could help explain this paradox of the Schrodinger experiment  …with the modern hippies and other 2-legged cool  cats  that listen to rock music or jazz.
Year 2012 has seen many advances in the format of expression of  Schrodinger experiments with humanoids …living in cement/iron /glass building BOX.

Thus we see the 2 men …expressor agents of Nature’s  systems and  atomic English language problems (Mr.CHO mission)  and atomic energy puzzle ( Mr. Lima Peru Misssion).   Thus we see supersymmetry EVENTS  on DISPLAY  in North America…..but the Department  of Energy denies their own theories about existence.

Thus we have  the Offfice of Science paradox and mysteries about the probability of LIFE  …. with the  ODDONE in Illinois and  the  chance of chancellor John Wiley  in Madison, Wisconsin.  The William Feller  book “Probability” helps  us understand  that the probability of communication = zero  …because they can only acknowledge the existence of  those things in their CARL JUNG atomic collective GROUP MIND.   Normally, this is okay…for 98 percent of that GROUP  …… but Nature expects at least   2 people to  occassionally step outside that GROUP MIND  ……  like  plus or minus 1 standard deviation  of the  binomial  ….Pavlov  bell-shaped curve useb by the NOBEL ……NO + BEL  –> kNOw  Bell  secrets of brain-washington   in the year 2012  BRAVE NEW WORLD  atomic social psychology manipulation tricks.

Modern Darwinian  evolution of   symbols and mind tricks of Madison  Avenue  …methods used to control the top 20% of the  intellectual population of math and engineering thinkers.

page 19 bottom of page

Seung-Hui Cho shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others[1] in two separate attacks, approximately two hours apart

page 56

Above, the BAL (Basic Assembler Language )  geography region of Northern Europe  . . . . . . known as the
BALTIC  region   ……..   one of several   geo-computer and bio-computer regions on  EARTH.

Computer Earth system 370 of NATURE with  SNA = Systems Network Architecture with OS/JCL  = Job Control Langauge region  with regional headquarters in  the OS  city of OSLO, Norway.   The universities in Europe deny the existence of computer science in various different format displays.   THus we have the tragic message …a concsequence of arrogance by citizen/governments …who refuse to
acknowldge the multi-faceted dimesnions of Sartr exustentialisn and modertn STRING theory  and ROPE theory  of eu.ROPE.

Thus we have the citizens of Europe  …and their FANTASY  nonsense brains that challenge  and attack Nature’s intellect.
Thus we have the television show  FANTASY ISLAND    –> become a realization in NORWAY at the the ISLAND of Utoeya signal to parents with fantastic fantasy explantions about how the world works  ….. with incomplete explanations of the UTOYEA tragedy.

Thus the Isaac Asimiv …… no children.

Some parents in NORWAY had children  …and now after the  tragic EVENT …they have no children  …… that is the  langauge alliteration  ……… North (Pole)   North (Europe) Norway No children   ………..  policies  of North Europe to violate the John Locke SOCIAL CONTRACT with Nature..

Below, copper-wire computer DATABASE concepts that apply to biological HUMAN databases

 ..comprised of human parent records and human child recprds

Database Systems

The physical database record is a basic building block in IMS. …. When an occurrence of a sensitive segment is deleted, all children of that segment are also

IMS V11 – Database administration – Logical relationship types…ims11…/ims_logreltypes.htmCached
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Then either physical database can be entered and the logical child in either can be   If data  in one database is inserted, deleted, or replaced, the corresponding

  • IMS V10 – Database administration – Delete rules…ims10…/dba236.htmCached
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    Logical parent, physical pairing—physical delete rule example: database calls The physical delete rule requires that all logical children be previously …. it is physically deleted in its physical data base, but it remains accessible from its third

Below, page 57

page 20, below

Brookhaven Labs and their role helping understand   ISAAC  Asimov theory.

Raymond Davis, Jr. – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_Jr.CachedSimilar
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Raymond (Ray) Davis, Jr. (October 14, 1914 – May 31, 2006) was an American chemist, He graduated in chemistry from the University of Maryland in 1938. He shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2002 with Japanese physicist Masatoshi Koshiba and Raymond Davis Jr., Nobelist Who Caught Neutrinos, Dies at 91″.

  • Nobel Laureate Raymond Davis Dies

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    Jun 1, 2006 – Raymond Davis Jr., Nobel Laureate and retired chemist at the U.S. Department He died of complications from Alzheimer’s disease. nobel prize.

  • Nobel Laureate Raymond Davis Jr. Dies At 91 – American Chemical
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    Jun 5, 2006 – Nobel Laureate Raymond Davis Jr. Dies At 91. Brookhaven chemist detected solar neutrinos. Rachel Petkewich. Raymond Davis Jr., a chemist

    Thus we see Raymond Davis, JR and his human bio-optical computer system identifier  ….
    Ray  Davis –> Ray + da + vis + Jr –>
    elctromagnetic LIGHT ray  fot the AGE of enlightment  SCIENCE  projects  + data (with DA = optical Differential Amplier) +  vision + job region (optical computer …symbolic life of nouns /equations/formula job region)

Alzheimer’s —> Margaret Mead HEAD HUNTERS inside the brain  …… bio-computer subroutines inside the brain that eat bio-computer memory for its symbolic ideas.    Brookhaven  LAB specimen  Raymond Davis, JR  was excellent FOOD for Thought

page 286 related to page 20

page 225, below

  1. James Holmes Mugshot: New Booking Photo Released Showing…/jamesholmes-mugshot-new-_n_190229…
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    3 days ago – Holmes is being held on charges in the shooting at an Aurora, Colo., theater on July 20 that killed 12 people and wounded 58. James Holmes

  2. James Holmes Charges: Aurora Shooting Suspect Faces 24 Counts…/jamesholmes-charges-aurorashooting_…Cached
    Jul 30, 2012 – Though the reasons aren’t entirely clear yet, a much maligned Facebook fan page dedicated to accused Aurora, Colo. shooter James Holmes
  3. James Holmes Has ‘Great Amount Of Intellectual And Emotional

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    Aug 11, 2012 – Police cars in front of the Century 16 theater in Aurora, Colorado where a …. James Holmes, Aurora Shooting Suspect, Faces Death Threats .

Page 280 below

Above, we have the IRON BLAST expressions of the periodic atomic table element Fe = ferrous oxide atom  VERSUS  the Fe = Feed/food Fe=Federal government of eater citizens of their  consumer economy  that promotes  consumption disease.

The Theory of Everything  that occurs on EARTH …..thus the Earth Lab  IRON BLAST FURNACE demo  of

–> Sterling Hall in 1970 in Madison, Wisconsin

–>  the IRON building BLAST of Fe= ferrous oxide atoms  of the Fe= Federal building in Oklahoma City

–.  the 2 iron TOWERS  blast furnace of Sept 11 …..and extension of the 1943 Manhattan Project pilot stage

page 301 below

Above ..the mathematical-physics WAR  in   IRAQ  over   the 1930 concept of q-variables.

The war region from year 2004 thru 2012  …. take  proper  nouns :     Baghdad Iraq as a suggestion/approximation to the TRUE NATURE of the signal

BAGHDAD IRAC Q-variables
Paul  …..DIRAC  q-variables war   …and nearby IRAN symbolizes –> I random variable = Independent random variables

Thus we see the mathematical- geography MAP of the surface of the EARTH with  some of its  proper noun loocations being very descriptive of the underlying NATURE of existence.

Take  the geo-mathematical  region of logarithms (such as LOG Y)  on the surface of EARTH …in particular the geography region of
LOG.arthims of Logan, Utah  that gave birth  to  a bio-math  LOG Y structure  –> bio.LOG. Y  …..and said structure went to the EARTH LAB  specimen research  center of humanoids  ..known as CALTECH  …..  thus the study of biology , math, and astrophysics…..helps us understand  Nature’s  continuum.

Now  we see evidence that  CALTECH is a subset of   a VSAM data set  ……and  we have   VSAM CA =  Control Area  ….of CALTECH.
They are happy in their little world in year 2012 – ….. as  they have no interest is Grand Unified Theory and the empirical  data that needs analysis and  theoretical models  …consequently the SCIENCE WARS.


Page 300 below


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