Miss Seeton at the Helms –> book helps explain the Mississippi River I-35 W communications bridge collapse of Grand Unified Theory.


What messages in the book by Hampton Charles (Darwin) help  us understand the ST.Charles (Darwin) geography region  of Illinois and the EARTH iron core / North Pole magnetic data  field  experiments done with iron HEME group Fe(ii) ion structures …..that is atomic bio-physics protein columns that stand on 2-legs  for the STAND model of the STANDARD model  of part physics    at  the  Fer =  Ferrous oxide mind LAB  …known as FermiLAB.

What is EARTH Charles Darwin iron atom  …atomic mass 56  ….. location …COORDINATES  and identifiers are:

Above…we see EARTH iron core and its  geography SURFACE   atomic highway 56.

Thus…we think of the living EARTH cell …and the geology iron core …like Nature’s deep subconscious level of thought  …with the 26 protons of iron and their 26 atomic English alphabet letters.   Thus the deep levels of Nature’s thought…the iron CORE and its hidden DARK MATTER thoughts ……rises to the surface level of consciousness    …that is the geography surface of EARTH ….. at the surface level of consciousness at  ST.Charles (Darwin)  with the living EARTH cell  GENE experiments at Geneva,  oxygen highway 88 with 8 protons and 8 neutrons with  2 different oxygen breathing FORMATS (the iron automobile and the humanoid driver),  and route 56 ……………thus we an EARTH signal processing  ROC = Region of Convergence   at Fer= Ferrous oxide address of FermiLAB,

Thus…. we think of EARTH as a vast architectural  structure…both physical and symbolic (words, numbers, equations,etc).

Above words …

–> Call the buffet =  call  hex buffer

–>voyages of symbols and concepts ….. voyages of  the James Joyce book  “ULysses” that used  UL =  Underwriter  Labs  approved electrical lamps  and light bulbs ..to provide  electromagnetic photons  to human readers at night…so they could read the   DUBLIN  book  of Double Blind Statistical experiments of the
IRISH explanation of   family life  ……that is
IRISH = IRIS + H ex –> eye/IRIS/retina optical nerve CITY on the velo.CITY of photon societal life  …in Base 16 Hexadecimal bio-optical computer languages.   Thus we have  2 concepts of  IRISH  ….

1st the physical biology of a 160 pound adult male from IRELAND   and his eye/eats/mouth  …..

then the  2nd version   …. the English language and symbolic life of the eye/IRIS/ pupil.

For  example ..character Sherlock Holmes is alive and well inside my brain …as an optical entity with concepts/thoughts ..in a sense Sherlock Holmes is a bio-computer program inside my brain   …that sometimes helps my natural self  think more clearly.

Sir  ARTHUR  Conan Doyle ……who  had a physical biology existence …..and of course, has symbolic existence …but not of the magnitude of  his creation ….Sherlock Holmes.

Thus we see messages about iron and copper  …and atomic thoughts.

Page 89…more EARTH messages

What instructions…involve  EARTH iron and physics  …that is the  city of  ST.Paul (Dirac)  physics messages for the University of Minnesota ..regarding the I-35W bridge collapse.

I-35W Bridge

I-35W Mississippi River bridge

I-35W Mis = Mgt. Info Systems bridge

Mississippi River Bridge
picture of the bridge painted green and surrounded by green foliage seen from the Mississppi bank
Bridge 9340 (1964–2007)
Carries 8 lanes of I-35W
Crosses Mississippi River


The I-35W Mississippi River bridge was an eight-lane, steel truss arch bridge that carried Interstate 35W across the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. Wikipedia

Closed: August 1, 2007 6:05 PM
Total length: 1,907 feet (581 m)
Height: 115 feet (35 m)
Opened: November 1967

Mississippi River bridge was an eight-lane  …thus we see COMPUTER EARTH  system 370

Miss         River        bridge was an eight-lane

MISS –> Management Information Social Sciences

River –> the Stream of Consciousness  ..like the Herman Hesse    Siddartha  messages for Pier Oddone  ..the Illustrious ONE

bridge –> communications bridge  with eight lane –>  8 data bits …   or some equivalent

The bridge was Minnesota’s fifth busiest,   carrying 140,000 vehicles daily.

The bridge was Minnesota’s fifth (data bus busy signal)  busiest,  carrying 140,000 vehicles daily.

I-35 W   Bridge  implies –> Earth biochemistry …..the Minneapolis and St.Paul  (Dirac)  atomic DNA WAR zone … the citizen BRAIN is running in the wrong direction ……pay attention please to REALITY signals from Nature’s systems.

Principles of Biochemistry/Cell Metabolism I: DNA replication


Just as before, DNA Polymerase reads 3‘-5‘ on the original DNA to produce a ….. DNA is read in the 3′ → 5′ direction, therefore, nucleotides are synthesized (or

DNA Polymerase reads 3‘-5

DNA Polymerase reads 3‘-5

DNA Poly    erase   reads 3‘-5  –> ERASE  I-35   bridge 

EARTH  …… Structural Biochemistry of the
Double-Helix Cities = Twin Cities and their  Double-Cross

The two strands run in opposite directions,
one going in a 3‘ to 5‘ direction and the other going in a 5‘  to 3 direction ..



299 × 450 – Bridge Collapse. There are stories of

Structural Biochemistry/Nucleic Acid/DNA/DNA structure – Wikibooks

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Structural Biochemistry/Nucleic Acid/DNA/DNA structure The two strands run in opposite directions, one going in a 3‘ to 5direction and the other going in a 5

140,000 vehicles daily –> Nitrogen atomic mass 14 and  DNA nitrogenous bases WAR

Nitrogen War involving  IRON  structures –> Iron federal building in Oklahoma City
…….. the  4 DNA human agents that bombed Sterling Hall in the  UW, Madison brain mutation wars in 1970

Nitrogen amino  acid …molecular structure  agent NH … and   the Fort  Biochemistry  Lab Hood Hood shooting with the 13 dead M=Military signal  to  the 13th letter of the atomic alphabet ….M-theortist.

Page 94 below

  1. Taylor Polynomials – 

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    A Taylor polynomial is a partial sum of a Taylor series. This WebMathematica page will compute and Taylor polynomials of selected functions..

The Taylor series of a real or complex-valued function ƒ(x) that is infinitely differentiable in a neighborhood of a real or complex number a is the power series

f(a)+\frac {f'(a)}{1!} (x-a)+ \frac{f''(a)}{2!} (x-a)^2+\frac{f^{(3)}(a)}{3!}(x-a)^3+ \cdots.
In the case that a = 0, the series is also called a Maclaurin series
The Maclaurin series for any polynomialis the polynomial itself.The Maclaurin series for (1 − x)−1 for |x| < 1 is the geometric series


so the Taylor series for x−1 at a = 1 is


Thus we see ..that the MISS SEETON book is sending  SECRET  math signals to the reader audience.

page 96

Thus we  see …VIA  the book ….MISS SEETON = see  ton   …and the suggested   links of
ISAAC NEWTON gravity,  Earth iron core evolution to the human core  ….and its extension –> cortex,
North/South Pole magnetic field interaction with
the   iron tons of the I-35W bridge,
the Two Towers of Sept11, 2001,    Oklahoma City iron Federal  building, and the U.S.S. Cole iron ship    …all  reminders of the Polish iron shipyards  …and their political science message from the Solidarity Movement   to  professors…..their physics understanding  of Solids, Liquids, and Gases  needs to be updated  with the new VIEWS provided by the 11-dimensions of STRING THEORY and Margaret Mead atomic anthropology.

In addition, our concepts of ORGANIC   Chemistry application must be enlarged to include humanoid structures  with a mouth organ comprised of organic molecules. Applications of Solomon’s textbook to social sciences has been done in Madison, Wisconsin with UW and their CODE  of Silence. However, It was front=page-news in Madison.

Areas of Chemical Research

Department of Chemistry
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1101 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706
  1. Solomons Organic Chemistry]:   chancellor   John Wiley  & Sons publisher 

    1. Chancellor John  Wiley – Molecule  Publishing News at UW-Madison – University of

      Chancellor John D. Wiley, who earned a reputation as a campus builder and a farsighted leader since becoming the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s chief

    Science & MathematicsChemistryCached

    Solomon’s book uses the wrong approach for teaching organic chemistry.

  1. DA = Differential Amplier brain electron circuits  won’t pursue sex assault allegation against
    Ald. Solomon


    Oct 21, 2011 – The Niels Bohr Institute atomic social  applications……Dane County District Attorney’s Office believes an accuser’s story an alleged sexual assault case against Madison Ald.  Solomon.

    1. Group calls for Solomon to resign – Madison.com

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      Jan 5, 2012 – Milwaukee policeman  Brian  nor.BERG    and   Berg filed a criminal complaint against Solomon in late 2010 and on Oct. 20, 2011, the district attorney’s office announced it would not

Thus we have an intertwined STRING  theory nuclear family puzzle ..

  1. case against Madison Ald. Brian Solomon  +  
    1. Berg filed a criminal complaint against Solomon
    2. Madison Ald. Brian Solomon after a city clerk staffer     (J.Clerk Maxwell  EM equations of life )    accused him
      Thus we  have    the Madison   supersymmetry  SIGNALING parameters,adjectives ,nouns  ….. the  parallel approximation to the situation to Milwaukee  with Brian nor.BERG   and the EARTH  magnetic field battle near Bradley High School..
      Now the names Byran and Brian are phonetically alike ..they sound alike to EAR people  and the different spelling are equivalent  in the world of sound.
      1. Man gets 80 ears for shooting 2 Milwaukee police officers


        Feb 25, 2010 – Burton, who last summer shot Kunisch and Norberg in the face, was sentenced to 80 years in They are Graham Kunisch and Bryan Norberg.

        Thus we see the EARTH and a major mystery about IRON and  the magnetic field  and the IRON CURTAIN secrets of Fer = Ferrous oxide atom  at  FermiLAB   and the IRON MASK of the Office of Science.   But it’s no secret.
        With a high school chemistry /physics book  and the periodic atomic table of elements and some basic concepts mentioned above . . . . . .you can draw a flowchart  of the concepts and relationships ….. and explain the WORLD social science manipulation system  to yourself.
        Look at a paperback book ….. and using the suggestions and example pages  above …. look for CLUES that may relate to some news event or some math/science knowledge  you have learned.   After doing   this for  several months…..in the spirit of a puzzle  ..connect the dots    …… your brain will develop new perception circuits.
        Don’t forget to include some serious study of math, biochemistry, physics…. …buy the basic books and you will have your personal reference library……always useful for the   modern amateur detective.
        And …help me figure out the Madison,  Wisconsin  puzzle of John Wiley, probability theory of chance and chancellors…. textbook published by John Wiley    (thus the Double-Helix  of the  2 John Wiley existences) ,…. and the other clues  of J.CLERK Maxwell and the electromagnetic coupling constant 137 …and that social chemistry experiment with Alderman Solomon  with the Solar System messages of  Sun Praire, Wisconsin  resident.

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