Miss Seeton at the Helms –> MI6 secret messages for British agents at FermiLAB LEVEL 6 physics.


seepage - inside cover pier

Let’s use  the official atomic English language of the pertiodic atomic table to translate the some of the message above into the other dimensions of understanding as outlined by TOE theory ……Thought Order Entry systems  with the year 2000 project  TOE = Time Order Entry   ……… componet of TOE = Theory of Everything …which includes Margaret Mead atomic  antholopgy  …that is the nuclear  family  and its atomic social science expressions on the surface of EARTH ..in the format of cities and towns,  university  lecture halls,   fast food restaurants, etc.
Atomic bio-physics huamnoids act as the messenger vehicles for the more fundamental forecs and particles of NATURE.

Let’s look at some words ….and enhance our understanding of those words and phrases.

–> very odd aout the atmosphere ……… and looking at particular word components………. …..very odd  about the    atom +os + sphere

picture - atom 22

very odd  about the    atom +os + sphere –>  and  whose research group would known about this message? very odd  about the   atom +os + sphere …….odd                       atom  +os + sphere –> suggesting an atomic bio-physics structure with an ODD name.

Let’s concentrate on  the  ODD   word and its probability signal. Fermi?Dirac statistics – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fermi?Dirac statistics is a part of the science of physics that describes the energies of single particles in a system comprising many identical particles that obey  

Fermi?Dirac statistics is a …. physics that describes ….. single particles ….in a system Fermi-Directions  statistics /odds/probability  ………………..one particle ( the humanoid particle) Fermi-Director  …………………..odd                                            one  ( an EARTH Lab contiuum particle)
Thus the astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet EARTH) …when viewed  by some theoetical / virtual scietistist  millions of miles away (like the MAN on the MOON  looking at EARTH)   …….  such observer and thinker (with some  physics books on atoms)  …… would see a place  named FermiLAB   …..  a perhaps…see some  entity walking  in  BROWN shoes (Brownian motion)   …and from the MOON’s distance…… the entity (on EARTH a humanoid)….but from the  MOON  …the  earthly existence of a single particle ..an atom ……that perhaps has the proper noun label:  ODDONE.
Einstein;s theory of relative sizes and viweing positions aloows this analytical approach to understanding life and social activities on EARTH.
The MISS SEETON book ..words…..on this ship –> possible reference to televsion show DEEP SPACE NINE with the  characters ……. Ferengi –> FermiLAB engineering
ODO the shape shifter –> ODDONE Bajor –> Batavia Major job orders
What JOB?   The TV show script writers might be describing  the bio-computer system of the University of Chicago and elsewhere.  The University system takes  atomic bio-physiocs humanoids and programs their student brain ..with various instructions.  Upon graduation from  math,  physics, chemisttry, engineering  the atomic student and his atomic brain  is awarded a   Bachelor of Science degree,     Now we know the student has electrons in his /her brain …and those electrons help thought .
Thus  a  group / batch of graduates go out  in the world  and seek a job  ….. say …a batch of them start work at FermiLAB.
Thus we a batch of beginning scietists with a LABEL: Bachelor degree ……  …in atomic English language dictionary ..the word Bachelor = Bach + el +or  = Batch electron orbitals  …….bio-computer JOB at FermiLAB.
Thus we see the super-symmetry  …the  parallel  of the human brain processor and JOB protool    ….to the copper- wire main frame computers.   Thus from Nature’s vast view of things ……be can see the similairity between the 2  structures ..the human system and the copper-wire computer and its software,

What is JCL? – IBM notice: 


You use job control language (JCL) to convey this information to z/OS through a with JCL, to create, monitor, correct and rerun the company’s daily batch workload. The difference in method of execution is that TSO executes the sort in the

  1. Batch processing and JES: Scenario 1 – IBM notice: The page you

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    This program will run as a batch job on z/OS. Figure 1 shows a JCL procedure that can compile, link-edit and execute a program. The first step identifies the COBOL compiler, as declared in //COBOL EXEC PGM=IGYCRCTL . The statement

  2. COBOL compile link and go procedure – IBM notice: The page you

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    Application programming on z/OS Basic JCL for compiling, linking and executing a COBOL source program CLGO JOB CLG EXEC IGYWCLG //COBOL.

Batch processing and JES: Scenario 1 –

Bachelor of Science     ….brain processing and JES: Scenario 1 –

What else does Miss SEETON explain? page 1 –> for the ODDONE atomic English language chapter.

seepage 1 - top

The symbol city of words/ equations/ formula     contained in c = 186,000 the city in the velo.CITY of light.

Thus we must have 2 concepts of city … a)  the primary concept is the geography city comprised of  physical cement buildings, skyscrapers, and paved highways for 4-wheel iron automobiles that may weigh 2600 pounds.

b)  the second MAJOR type of city is the eye/optical nerve and the various information entities that exist within that city …used by the Central Nervous Ssytem 370 abstract brain symbolic processor.

Presently,  in year 2012..a major war continues between  the brain  bio-optical-computer   and the EAR/  MOUTH people that run the Federal Communication Commission  ..that allows  the EAR/MOUTH people  on television  to attack  the EYE/optical  Math/SCIENCEBOOK intellectuals in the veiweing audience.  The Office of Science ……obeying orders from Washinton, DC restuarant patrons  …..refuses to say anything   …..about the FORT HOOD shooting, The Virginia TECH shooting, The Oak Creek shooting, etc..

picture - em visible light

seepage  - cover front

The above symbolism … the 2 ports–> 2 eye input data ports to the brain

BLUE –> IBM BIG BLUE and the system 370 bio-optical processor  with code BLUE = BL + LU –> Base Locator Logical Unit  …..for  Darwinian selection of  humans

White wall  —> the white electromagnetic spectrum used for reading BOOKS

The book is by Hampton Charles (Darwin)   ….. part of the Darwin communications network of Nature ..LINKING ….. to ST.Charles (Darwin) , Illinois  near  the  Fer =  Ferrous oxide atomic mass RD location Fer = FermiLAB ……….known as the Hungary  and IRON CURTAIN of 1956 ….. signal of  atomic mass 56   ……to   Route 56.

map -batavia.

Above, we see  the EARTH geology iron core  and its surface geography research area  ..centered  at Ferrous oxide  atomic HIGHWAY 56 to FermiLAB …… with ST.Charles (Darwin) and Earth Genetics symbolized by GENEVA.     To enhance  the signal to   modern intellectuals ..that may be curious…additional signals  exist.

THus Nature and Darwin evoltuion of symbols and expressions arranged  for the  IMPORT from  the Galapagos Islands region  South America…… some new species of atomic brain evolutuion   ..and IMPORT from Peru.



Pier  1 Imports  …… imports atomic huamoid .. Pier ONE .. –> import + s –> important signal

481 North Randall Road Batavia, IL 60510 (630) 761-8925



Pier 1 Imports  ……….. FermilabDirections



Address: 481 North Randall Road, Batavia, IL 60510
Phone = Ph + one = Physics ONE –> OddONE with IBM OS/JCL dd = data defintion : (630) 761-8925

Prices: $$$$

Mon-Sat 10am?9pm
Sun 11am?7proton mass  of Nitrogen atom


To  insure their is no confusion about this atomic entity  ..anothet signal about atomic metabolism
  1. Pier 37 Bar & Grill – Pullman – Chicago, IL

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    Sep 28, 2007 ? 2 Reviews of Pier 37 Bar & Grill “If you’ve never been to Pier 37 (a Phil Stefani Restaurant) or the Harborside International Golf Course, it’s in a


    Pier 37 Bar (Baryon physics)  Grammer ill – Pullman – Chicago, IL

    http://www.yelp.com ? Res+ tau+rants –> Tau Particles discovered in GUT theory of the atomic bio-physics digestive systems of particle physics professors  at University of Chicago and IIT


What is 37 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit degrees  

wiki.answers.com ? … ? Science ? Units of Measure ? TemperatureCachedSimilar

Did you mean convert 37 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit? 37 degrees Celsius is the average human body temperature = 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Here is a nice

Thus we have  the CLUES to a Galapagos Islands / Peru evolution  mystery   …Pier ONE Batavia,  Pier 37 degrees  ….. why these message pointers to —->
picture - pier
  1. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology, proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper “A Theory of Human Motivation”. Maslow subsequently

Hierarchy problem – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 


Hierarchy problem. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. In theoretical physics, a hierarchy problem occurs when the fundamental

Masslow’s hierarchy of needs Mass   Slow’s hierarchy of needs

seepage 2 bottom

Thus we see  part of the Hierrachy Problem  …..with the failure to   contact Z intergers to insure the atomic orbital math integer continuum  ….1 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 .etc .

We know  that the ODDONE  is the huam representative for Nature…with the equation ODDONE = ODD integers starting aty ONE = 1  ..thus 1,3,5,7,9, ….

This correlates with empitical data printed in college textbooks.

picture - paul 15

Thus Pier Oddone is a spokeperson for the odd integers. Angry eelctron shell  orbitals can/and do transform their anger into metal bullet shells…sending violent Maragret Mead aatomic anthropology messages known as murder.   The atoms modify  the atomic human brain thoughts  of some humanoid …that  the Darwinian process selected  …a human vehicle  programmed to act out the atomic conflict.

The Deapertment of Energy an  even integer ( 2,4,6,8,)  agent  named EVEN Steven Chu.

Nature will not allow these agents to control the integer continuum  …they MUST interface  with a 3rd  agent  and the 3  agents  (along with support staff) ought understand  Nature and the modern Margaret Mead  conceptual  atomic anthropology    instructions and the available empirical data EVENTS…that help explain Nature’s message  subset human institutions.

Page 4 below

seepage 4 middle

seepage 4 bottom

Miss Seeton   page 5 below seepage  5 top

seepage  - 5  bottom

The word “done” also refers to the meetini in BALI, InDONEsia ..with the vice-president of social engineering math ALgorithms.

  1. Al Gore tells Bali the inconvenient truth on US – New Scientist 


    Dec 13, 2007 ? Former US vice president Al Gore just walked into the room to a halls in the Bali International Convention Centre in Indonesia and Gore has


    Dec 14, 2007 ? NUSA DUA, Indonesia ? Amid growing frustration with the United States Al Gore addressed the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Bali on



    page 51 below seepage 51 top


    Karl Popper – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Sir Karl Raimund Popper, CH FRS FBA (28 July 1902 ? 17 September 1994) was an Austro-British philosopher and professor at the London School of Personal life – Philosophy – Influence – Criticism

    Karl Popper (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


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    Nov 13, 1997 ? Karl Popper is generally regarded as one of the greatest philosophers of science of the 20th century. He was also a social and political

    Page 74 below
    seepage 74 bottom
    UL –> Underwriter  Labs  –> Ulysess book and  the Charles  Darwin/ Dickens  physics book David  Copperfield  …….. about the copper wire   CITY LIFE   of   electri.CITY  flow and the  field lines around the wire,etc.     Thus the intertwined  life of symbols …between physics   and literature. ………….. organic chemsitry —> social chemistry.
    Above words –>  about forty-five –> 45 — references to WORLD WAR 2  year 1945
    The axis powers WAR m–> geometry axis  and  math exponent powers of 2 (Math  World War 2)
    Thus we see the equation for ther right triangle  …with one side 4  and one side 5.
    YEAR 19  4  5   —>     geometry  numbers
    3 exponent  2      +      4  exponent   2  =  5   exponent 2
    Col –> refers to the 18 columns of the atomic table of life
    page 111 below
    seepage 111 middle
    page 117 below
    page 171 below
    page 172
    seepage 172 top seepage 172 bottom Above the atomic computer of uranium  238   —–>   Base  2  exponent 3  = 8 data bit
    Thus the LINKAGE  of the  data bit  …. a subset of    or.BIT.al.
    Physics graduate students  do not recognize

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