Doctor Who and Logopolis —> supersymmetry <—- Dr. Thorne, Caltech Time Lord of Logarithms of Logan


The mysteries of communications theory are a challenge.  Here, using the atomic English language and the astrophysics galactcic LOCAL REGION …Earth Lab languages …we shall try to understand the messages of Christopher H. Mead  (LINK to Margaret Mead continuum anthropology). The atomic/ astrophysics communications continuum  helps us understand  social and political events on Earth Lab.
Humans are subsets living within the continuum  on  EARTH …and as such …we are embedded  within  Nature’s vast multi-faceted dimensions of Sartre  existentialism.

Let’s try to understand some messages.

Kip Thorne – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kip Stephen Thorne (born June 1, 1940) is an American theoretical physicist, known for physics and astrophysics and for having trained a generation of scientists. Discussion in the main lecture hall at the École de Physique des Houches …. Thorne is currently interested in the origin of classical space and time from the
We  are curious about atomic bio-physics symmetry  expressions.
Above …. is a picture of  humanoid …MAX BORN  physics 1940  in the EARTH  mathematical-physics geography surface  region of  logarithms ……. such as LOG y.    The living  EARTH logarithms  geography surface area of LOGAN …… and   LOG y …..   helped created the bio-math format  known as  a  bio.LOG.y  structure.     This  bio.LOG.y  went on in life …. studied logarithms   in high school algebra  …and continued his INTERNAL bio-math existence  AND  continued his high school  EXTERNAL  math existence  with  the study of math and physics, etc.
Thus we see an example of the Herbert Spencer  ……..  concept of Nature’s  processes ………


Herbert Spencer, The Principles of Psychology [1855] Author: Herbert Spencer ….form links in the correspondence between internal and external changes.

By Spencer, Herbert Whether this should be regarded as a progress towards correspondence in Time,   ……… , the sole external relations with which internal relations can be put in correspondence, are relations of co-existence .
Let’s look at a correspondence.

Radio Astronomy@Everything2

Radio Astronomy is the study of Astronomical Objects in the Radio Spectrum. This is done Primary source:- Black Holes and Timewarps by Kip S. Thorne.

Astronomy Books Online

Astronomy books for  : astronomy, astrophysics, by Dr. Kip Thorne, Caltech, 1999
Synthesis Imaging in Radio Astronomy II
Synthesis Imaging in Radio
Synthesis Imag 
Synt + thesis + image
Syntax  + thesis + image
And what are some more CLUES:
Now, the book has some Herbert Spencer    concept    references to
External and   Internal (inside the body /brain and inside thoughts).
Page 10 ….
Thus we have some hint about TIME technology  ..the manipulation of TIME  ..for good and/or  for  EVIL.
Above, page 10 ….VIEWED as page binary 10 –> decimal 2  ……is a signal.
Are you, the reader, a two-timer loser?
Have you upgraded  your brain bio-computer with the year 2000  new  BIOLOGY  biological clock requirements …..
the   Y2K   brain symbolic sub-routines —-> the Y-algebra chromosomes   needed  and the 2k data stream of consciousness  needed by the  Darwin advanced  model Central Nervous System 370 abstract  brain symbolic bio-computer.
Thus we see  Y 2 K……  missing the NEW biological clock makes you a   2 TIME loser.
The Earthly professorial TIME Lords are needed to fix this…. but they are busy with other stuff.
Let’s look at another component of the Herbert Spencer concept  message
Page 14 …
Page 22 the  OCTOBER calender code ..embedded in  DOCTOR  WHO   and  time DOCTOR Thorne.
Page 23
Page 70
Above, we have reference to Computer Earth system 370 BASE 16  hex SPACE  data fields and  hex TIME data fields  on EARTH that cover existence and its various contents …..and that includes humans and their social time   …that is social  data time fields.
Nature’s project was planned  at the start of a Base 16  time boundary …. year 1600  …and the project was officially announced  in year  16 16 –> base 16 Space and base 16 Time.  The project was named —>  Galileo the DEFENDER  (of Earth from the  invasion).
Thus we see a  puzzle.  To understand the situation …. a good method is to partition  existence into 2 separate, independent entities of REALITY.
One is the traditional physical and  biology  structures…such as  4-wheeled iron automobiles and 2-legged humans.
The 2nd …entity of existence is the symbolic world of words, nouns,  math and physics equations, chemistry formula , engineering drawings, computer flowcharts, etc.
Given these 2 independent structures of thought and expression   …..we think of daily life and business life as some mixture of those 2 components  of Nature.   Now sometimes,  some humans mis-interpret those  components or misuse them, thereby causing NATURE to lose its sense of balance …… thus the need for some high-level intellectual review of existence on EARTH.
Thus a fix is needed ..the mechanism …social engineering process control systems  ….. within the atomic/astrophysics continuum.
Perhaps, someday  the   Cambridge  Hawking  group  and Caltech may acknowledge  the book messages sent to them.  In year 2012…..we  have the SCIENCE WARS ….. that involve every major university.  Denial of REALITY  is caused by watching to many  Hollywood cartoons and television  fantasy shows;   and,  it was hoped  by Nature and its Central Nervous System 370 project  …that the physics and math intellectuals would not be affected by  Hollywood nonsense and  the Washington, DC  restuarant menus.
Thus we see messages printed in books…..distributed to the mass audience…. hoping that someone will understand the atomic/astrophysics continuum language.  You have a few suggestions in this blog …about that language.  Good luck.

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