Batman Volume 2: Featuring 2 Towers in Manhattan —> The BIRD of Prey theory of the airplanes of Sept 11,2001.


The world is an interesting place.  Universities and schools of journalism  teach English class …… creative writing 101. This is a very effective course for  future newspaper reporters,  accident and crime investigators,  and Hollywood script writers.   However, some  writers are interested in more  accurate models of REALITY;  and  try to help us understand  the  mass communications messages  from television, radio,  print, graphic arts, music lyrics, and Madison Avenue manipulation advertising.

What is mass communications?
For math and science students …..mass communication is  really  atomic MASS  messages from the periodic atomic table elements of life and atomic  thought.    Mass communications vehicles like newspapers and magazines  ….. print  news stories that may contain some  atomic social science messages,  atomic social economic signals , atomic political science CLUES about the Hierarchy Problem of Washington, DC  physics and bio-physics agents, etc.

Lets look at  the  Batavia physics man ……the FermiLAB  man of the atomic table …… a group of professors,  engineers,  mathematicians, computer scientists, and electronics specialists with affiliations with  major  Midwest universities .   They operate under the umbrella proper noun name:  Batavia Man –> Bat Man.
The BAT Cave is the alliance between America’s Batavia, Illinois  science center and the British Cavendish Labs in Cambridge.
The projects that they work on…include the Margaret Mead  nuclear family …atomic social anthropology project and the  atomic brain project. .   BatMan and Bat Cave messages with Alfred  ( Alfred North Whitehead )   were broadcast on television and  printed in paperbacks.

The projects are so SECRET…..deep down in the atomic subliminal mind  ….. that their  conscious MIND  has no awareness of the secret project.
Ask the Department of Energy or the Office of Science about the existence  of atoms inside the human brain   ….. and they know nothing about that.    Ask them about nuclear energy.  Do brain cells constain a nucleus, and within that cell  nucleus, do atoms exist that  an atomic nucleus with protons and neutrons.  Oh, the Hierarchy Problem of the nucleus in theoretical physics and bio-physics  humanoid communications structures  ….. that only communicate in their  circle….. the circular   ring accelerator at  FermiLAB  is a role model in Margaret Mead atomic anthropology communicates theory ….  only  recognize those  approved humanoids that belong to your elite intellectual  club  ..ignore everything else.. ….. messages and the messengers.

Now,  FermiLAB  is really playing smart …….   their  project is to SET-UP  others around the world  …..   in a major sting operation  …to separate the  atomic social science  Bull-Stories told by many   ….. …from the sincere thinkers …that got lost ….and are looking for intellectual navigation signals about the world-wide Science WARS..

Many people  were  hypnotized by  the Egyptian  mummies exhibits in North America  …… thus they are MUM / silent.     Does  a Brave New World social psy chology war exist?  Yes….. and silence is not the answer;  but   atomic social psychology research and theory ….  provides  one path to some of the answer.

However, others have provided us with CLUES to that Carl Jung atomic collective GROUP MIND and its Margaret Mead atomic anthropology thoughts …….. BAT –> BATAVIA  Man –> atomic Manuscript …… atomic mass …..mass communications words and preliminary thoughts of atomic particles ……messages for adult, educated  humans with bio-computer symbolic brain that can process simple concepts.

Let’s look at a tragic news EVENT such as the SEPT 11,  2001 tragedy of the  11-dimensions of string theory  physics  AND   the  Manhattan Project.

The orgininal  Manhattan Project was kown in 1943 as the S-1 project.

Manhattan Project Facts, information, pictures |

 Technology: Terms and ConceptsCachedSimilar

 Get information, facts, and pictures about Manhattan Project at headed by physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, was built in 1943 on  a secluded mesa at Harry S. Truman was told about the atomic bomb 
( codenamedS1”)
    twelve days later.

Manhattan Project Chronology | The Manhattan Project:
Making the

History ›      The Manhattan Project

High    story
of    creative explanations  and incomplete explanations ›
The Manhattan Project  evolution
S-1  + TEN.sor   space/time  problems  –> S-11   project

June 17 1943: President Roosevelt approves the S1 Executive Committee selects Los Alamos, New Mexico as the bomb laboratory
(code named Project  Y).

Thus we have 2 code named project from 1943:   S-1  project   and  the   Y  project.
Thena round year 1999 thru 2001 …we see a repeat of those  MANHATTAN Project signals in MANHATTAN with Sept 11   and the Y2k time boundary.
What is missing …. in the deeper explanations  …the   underlying nature of the tragic EVENT.
Let’s look at some of the pieces of the puzzle …….. clues written by some authors ….. that seem to have an advanced understanding  …. that have an ability to  interpret the James Joyce streams of consciousness and   access  the  Carl Jung atomic human  …… collective unconscious of the atomic bio-physics  human species.  A few  people have this access to  GROUP MIND and what’s in  the   group thoughts and group tenative project  plans.   These deep levels of sub-conscious and subliminal mind  thoughts  include social engineering plans for society.   These thoughts usually take 20 , 30, 40 years or longer to rise to a level of conscious expression ……… some  authors,  political scientists, etc. are able to read these signals way in advance.    Authors like George Orwell  and artists like Salvador Dali  ..thus provide clues about the possible future of society …… some good news and also some warning signals.
The group mind  has project plans 10 , 20, 30 years  in advance  …thus books like 1984 AND  Brave New World  ….. provide us with a  preview of those project plans  …the good, the bad, and the ugly.      Aware. alert, educated citizens then have  10 or 20 years advance notice adjust  and fix  the social engineering system problems  …to improve them.     These vast  social economic systems use bio-optical computer processors  and brain bio-computers  …using the human bio-computer platform. This process has existed for thousands of years …and enabled the Roman empire to exist ….in the large degree and sucess that it did.
Let’s look a clues that we intercepted and published in 1992.  Now, the clues reflect a probability distribution that someything may happen …….the clues exist in the data streams of  the  GROUP MIND …and various factors and forces of NATURE  may amplifly those signals …….to bring them to REALITY  …or the clues/signals may diminish  and  become nothing.
This applies to clues about GOOD things   and clues about some nasty thing.
These clues involve the periodic atomic table of life,  Margaret Mead atomic anthropology, gravity interaction with the atomic mass in the human brain, the North Pole magnetic field interaction with the iron Hemoglobin proteins and their thoughts, etc.
This does not involve complex, abstract  thoughts …… the above concepts mentioned are down to EARTH ….  basic components of  life on EARTH.   But we have many simple pieces to the puzzle  ….. and that requires some study …as to how the pieces are arranged in life.
Above, the atomic mass signal …….that is atomic English language and   the extended English language  ( with nouns, verbs, math and physics equations, music lyrics, Salvador Dali art ,  chemistry formula, the periodic atomic table, etc).
Let’s explain the above  WORDS of the  Carl Jung atomic collective mentality ……
— Further = F (ur)  rt  her  = Functions (uranium atom ) route hertzian waves ……thus CLUES to the electromagnetic coupling constant ……

Coupling Constants for the Fundamental Forces

HyperPhysics***** Quantum Physics, R Nave. Go Back. Strong Force Coupling Constant. In obtaining a coupling constant for the strong interaction, say in comparison to The electromagnetic force is infinite in range and obeys the inverse square law, Using the electromagnetic coupling constant of 1/137 then leads to a

Batman Volume 2  –The volume of the  Base 2   IRON Towers in the
Earth gravity field LAB of Isaac Newton  –> Is  Newton = Information Systems NEW (York City)  TON (iron weigth of the skyscrapers  that contain  bio-physics iron HEME  Fe(ii) ion group structures that have failed most of the  self-awareness  and  gravity responsibility tests of NATURE and its Social Contract with MAN… a first outlined by  ink PEN  of John Locke  and repeated at  PEN State in the toilet/  JOHN/  locker room test of symbolism and awareness).        Penn State failed  and    Virginia TECH failed.

Batman Volume 2: Featuring the Penquin

Bat_________ Fe at   ur  ring   ….thus the  equation components state
Batavia………..Fe= Ferrous oxide atom uranium (accelerator)  ring

thus the book title reference to  the secret  social science society FermiLAB  …..

Dec 2, 2011 – The Main Injector, completed in 1999, has become the center ring of Fermilab’s accelerator complex

Fermilab History and Archives Project | Accelerator History – Main Ring

Start Main Ring Prototype. Meantime, members of the Main Accelerator staff

Fermilab’s Accelerator Ring: Metropolitan Chicago’s Largest Circle,%20Reidar%20Hahn.jpg


535 × 392 – Fermilab’s accelerator rings Although this experiment doesn’t sound

Batman Volume 2: Featuring the Penquin

Batman Volume 2: Featuring the Pen –> Pentagon 

The Vuture story …… Bird of Prey  <——  SUPERSYMMETY physics —> airplanes

Flight 77 and the Pentagon Crash – What Really Happened Here?

Sep 22, 2011 – Independent Investigation Into Pentagon Attack Yields Alarming Information ‘A three In Plane Sight – Sept 11 – 911 Conspiracy Documentary

American Airlines Flight 77 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The aircraft involved, a Boeing 757-223, was flying American Airlines’ daily ….. Injured victim of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon Building being loaded into an

Surviving Photographic Evidence of the  aerodynamics  BIRD OF PREY and the Penquin  brain bio-computer program instructions  —> Pentagon Attack


Below, page 133
Notice the word  hit, attack, bat  can be considered equivalent verbs ……in the assualt and BATTERY Park …… geography map region of lower Manhattan.  Thus  BATTERY PARK section of Manhattan  provided the  concept of the BATTERY ….. assualt and battery of the WORLD TRADE Center (Center of Mass) violations  by the  citizens of the  region of  New York.
Above we see KEYWORD clues to the EVENT …… thus we see the EARTH LAB  symbolic universe  (symbols and equations)  and the  transformation  to physical realization …..such as the SEpt 11, 2001 EVENT.
Let’s look at the symbolic life  and the  KEYWORDS.
—  Outside smoke cloud –> created in the physical realization of the tragedy
—  Two –> the  Computer Earth system 370 Base 2 Binary  structures–> TWO TOWERS
—  Batman –> Bat/hit/strike  Manhattan
— swings —> the  s + wings –> swift wings of an airplane….
— remaining  4 gang members  —> Early on the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 hijackers took control of four commercial airliners (two Boeing 757 and two Boeing 767
The  light paths of the four   ……  optics and words travel
The  light paths of the four …….   book words above –> four gang members 
The   light paths of the four …….  secrets of Virginia TECH English class manipulation 
The   light paths of the four  ……… 4 DNA nucleotides and the optical nerve /thoughts
The flight paths of the four  hijacked planes used in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.
The   light paths of the four …….  secrets of Virginia TECH English class manipulation 
The   light paths of the four  ……… 4 DNA nucleotides and the optical nerve /thoughts
The flight paths of the four  hijacked plan  ……… used in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

The   light paths of the four  ……… hijacked PROJECT PLAN   of the 4 DNA nucleotides and  Nature’s DNA   social engineering projects

Battery Park is a 25-acre (10 hectare)  public park located at the Battery, the southern tip of Manhattan Island in New York City, facing New York Harbor.

Manhattan Assault and Battery Defense Attorneys in Manhattan

Manhattan Criminal Attorneys: Assault And Battery in Manhattan
Local (data bus —>) business listings for Criminal Attorneys:

Assault And Battery in Manhattan,

Battery Park City lies on the bank of the Hudson River, on the Western side of Lower Manhattan. (image:

Battery Park City lies on the bank of the Hudson River, on the Western side of Lower Manhattan. :

 1600 × 1200 – 0016 Lower Manhattan & Battery Park
Assault And Battery in Manhattan
Assault And Battery in Manhattan


The Manhattan Project – The Nuclear Weapon This Manhattan Project predecessor,

code named the S-1 project  (predecessor to the S-11 project 2001),

was headed by Arthur H. Compton.

The   (Earth  iron core …atomic alphabet and geology) core group of scientists that would …

Page 290 below

Page 291 below

Page 293
Page 300
Back cover, below
…advanced aerodynamics  theory about relationships …….
between the
United States Air Force of oxygen and nitrogen air in the atmosphere,
winged coin of the  money / business theory of financial  DEPARTURES from the USA  ……  as  money and business flies to Asia and elsewhere  …. while the  Department   of  Treasury explains nothing,
ornithologist (air planes of Sept 11 attack)
master criminal (theory of  deep down  causes of  Sept 11,2001),

Ornithology – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ornithology is a branch of zoology that concerns the study of birds. Etymologically, the word “ornithology” derives from the ancient Greek ὄρνις ornis (“bird”) and
  1. September 11 attacks – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    The hijackers flew the plane into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 a.m.; United Airlines Flight 175: Left Logan Airport at 8:14 a.m. enroute to Los


The flight paths of the four hijacked planes used in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001

Early on the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 hijackers took control of four commercial airliners (two Boeing 757 and two Boeing 767) en route to California (three headed to LAX in Los Angeles, and one to San Francisco) after takeoffs from Boston, Massachusetts; Newark, New Jersey; and Washington, D.C.[5] Large planes with long flights were intentionally selected for hijacking because they would be heavily fueled.[6]

The four flights involved were:

Media coverage was intense during the attacks and aftermath, beginning moments after the first crash into the World Trade Center.[7]

James Bond (ornithologist) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

James Bond (January 4, 1900 – February 14, 1989) was a leading American ornithologist, an expert on the birds of the Caribbean. His name was appropriated

Thus we see a serious problem in theoretical understanding of  EARTH LAB  and signaling events that occur.
Major universities are  most concerned  about football and pizza.   Think tanks and trust foundations are not  concerned about these serious matters   and the  supersymmetry signals ….from the  CONSTITUTION…..

considering that Thomas Jefferson was  an atomic, bio-physics humanoid   …

the Articles of the Constitution of the United States  ……  in modern dictionary words

the P.Articles of the Constitution of the  United States.

Thus we see …the true signal of the American    F. light   77 sttack  on the Pentagon …….

the American Constitution of year 1776    ….. the eye/optics/light vision of Jefferson + ink pen
……American    Base 16 Hex’F’ light  77   of the eye/optical nerve ordered  …via Darwinian selection ………
using Nature’s SELECTIVE SERVICE  ( modeled after the U.S.ARMY Selective Service agency)  …selected from the world population the  men necessary to carry out  NATURE”S   social engineering process control FEEDBACK  signal this case …the  tragic ERROR signal that could have avoided by citizen respect for the laws of Nature and the Constitution.  Talk is cheap…serious philosophy and  science thoughts are needed …at  a basic level….. using high school or  college freshmen basic science and math textbooks

Of course. more work and thought is needed  to truly understand and explain the dimesnions of this CONSTITUIONAL message and the mechanism  used…… the bio-optical human communications network.

The Pentagon and Washington, DC  are  reminded to READ a  few words  and try to comprehend their deeper level ….

William Shakespeare …from around year 1600

“The WORLD is a stage  and we are the players”….  on SEPT 11, 2001

“The WORLD TRADE CENTER  is center stage and we are the P.layers –> Processing layers”

“The WORLD TRADE CENTER  is center stage and we are the Pentagon …a  processing layer”

About face!

Come to the Washington Hotel region in Watertown, Wisconsin  and learn about the  ROTC   given at Florida State University  around 1961/ 1962  to male students living in Kellum Hall dormitory.

Meanwhile… on helping clarify the above information database.

Print of a copy of the BLOG……that is your worksheet.

Then take a pad of paper …..draw flowcharts   …… make sketches…… write down preliminary ideas  …. using your educational background  AND let that soak    into your deep subliminal mind over weeks  and month  …..  spend 20 minutes here ,,,, study 20 minutes there  ….and  the probability of enlightenment  will increase after 6 to 8 months.    Hey, I spent years on trying to understand  some major EVENTS …you  have an outline and some thought angles to start with.  GOOD LUCK.

The 1992 Batman warning signals  with a low  probability of ocurrence  …still a probability of happening …..was  written in 1992 with DC comics.  Apparently, evolution decided that   the SUPERSYMMETRY empirical data signal may help theorist in the Theory of Everything and Grand Unified Theory.

DC comics –> super-symmetry <— Washington, DC comics

Thus we see that Dc comics acts as a mirror….. to some attitudes  and thoughts of some Washington , DC groups…in a sense …one of Nature’s systems of  Constitutional checks and   balances …via   the IBM system 370 COMICS algebra subset online system CICS = Customer Information Control Stem  of the brain bio-computer sy.STEM.

subset of COMIcS = CICS

Remember the new version of the
“:TALE of 2 Cities”

As a practical tool for reasearch …consider existence as partitoned into 2 major data sets

1) the world of symbols and numbers amd equations  with the bowels A, E. I, O, U  representing  a  symbolic computer machine of Nature   with   vowels    —>   A,  E. , Input, Output , Universe.

That must be considered ….because of the Base 16 hexadecimal signal of April 16 at Virginia  TECH …and their refusal to acknowledge those  new, VIRGIN dimensions of existence  of  EARTH LAB.

Norway also learned about vowels  —>  A,  E, I  , Oslo, Utoeya  tragedy.    Norway citizens, newspapers, and professors still refuse to help understand the complex nature of the Margaret Mead atomic language  tragedy  ….of ROPE theory   of  STRING THEORY of  eu.ROPE.

2) the physical world of iron automobiles, grocery stores,  movie theaters,  lunch at work with co-workers, etc

Remember the Herbert Spencer  version from  years 1855/1872  of the
“TALE of 2 Cities”   …with INTERNAL  and EXTERNAL  and the corresspondence

Remember the LEWIS CARROLL  message ……….

LEWIS Carroll from around  year 1865 ..Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, WHO Stole the Tarts?

The LEWIS Carroll EARTH LAB message:

“Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. …..(I will explain to you how it was done. ..with STRINGS: into this they slipped
the guinea-pig, head first and then sat upon it).
I’m glad I,ve seen that done’ , thought Alice.”

Thus DARPA and  Pentagon ought help  research the explanation  of the  DARWIN selective service  …  Pentagon guinea-pig experiments.

In year 2009  ….we had the   EARTH LAB —>  Fort LAB Hood experiment with  new, Virgin TECH biochemistry DISPLAY signals  and 13 dead soldier/guinea-pigs.

Of course, EARTH LAB announced a major phase change   in Darwin evolution  processes AND METHODS….  …with the  announcement  of the new phase  –>  EARTH  clinical  trials  of  societal thoughts     with the intial CLINICAL TRIAL  demo  by  harmonic waves  algebra subset  agent MONICA (and Lewin genetics) Lewinsky  and President Clinton  ….  a principle clinical  trial  researcher/ experimenter.


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