Doctor Who, Logopolis, and the I-35W time bridge collapse. The Y2K failure of the Twin (2) Cities –> the Minnesota 2-Time Losers.


The year 2000 space/time boundary is an important frame of reference for EARTH systems and civilizations contained in those vast architectural, structures of existence. Minneapolis  and St. Paul (Dirac)  are known as a binary  pair …the Base 2 cities  …the TWIN Cities.
Because the 2 cities have failed the TIME  test  …… they are known  as   2-TIME LOSERS.

What CLUES have been available …about the tragedy of the I-35W bridge collapse and its warning siganls  about the collpase of the BASE 2 cities.
Paul Dirac (physics)   and Linus Pauling (Quantum Chemistry)  represent Nature’s   huge investments based on the ST.PAUL  DIRAC  atomic geography map region …which includes the mathematical decision theory  test  in Minneapolis …the Mini-Max theorem and its applications to societal structures of  Mini + apolis   and  the QUANTUM STATE  of  Mini + sota.

Let’s look at some messages from a book of messages  from the TIME LORD.

Page 8, below

words ….oceans under the bridge …in the application we are studying …..
…..Mississippi River under the I-35W  communications bridge

Romana …describes modern  poltical science with ROM  = Read Onl;y Memory atomic bio-physics. bio-optical,  bio-computer humanoid of the Margaret Mead nuclear family…. known to FermiLAB as atomic social anthropology humanoid expressor agent:  ROMNEY ..a presidential  candidate from Massachusetts.  Now most huamnoids are bio-computers…have been for thousands of years.

The word ..DEMOCRACY –> DEMO ->  De  + em + ocr + ac + cy –>

de = bio-optical eyeBALL  computer  co.DE   (IBM   eye.BALL –> Basic Assembler Language & Literature) +

em = electromagnetic field (light/optics) +

ocr (optical charcter reader = eye/retina/iris optical nerve)  +

ac (60 cycles AV 120 votes Hertz with the ACLU elctromagnetic   bio-physics law school attorneys) +

cy (cybernetics of  citizen poltical science tricks with Norbert Wiener of MIT  —> MITochondria experimental education center for brain  cell components in EARTH LAB specimen students with advanced specimen professors).

Thus we see the WHITE HOUSE symbolizes the WHITE  electromagnetic spectrum of reading light for serious technical books  and the  symbolic HOUSE of nouns, verbs, numbers, math and physics equations, bio-chemistry diagrams.  process control systems flowcharts, etc

page 51, below

Above, the girders

Below, the girders

440 × 297 – I35W bridge collapse: At least 7 dead …… final number was 13 dead

The living EARTH cell message on the status of the DOUBLE-HELIX cities  of Minneapolis and St.Paul   …and their symbolic DNA problems of  nitrogenous bases  …with nitrogen atom 7 protons, 7 electrons, 7 neutrons.

Nitrogenous base – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


A nitrogenous (nitrogen-containing) base is a nitrogen-containing molecule having the These nitrogenous bases hydrogen bond between opposing DNA strands to form the rungs of

Below, the living EARTH cell and the  concrete/cement highway  –> Supersymmetry parallel –> the opposing DNA strands of EARTH  represented by the  I-35W bridge and  the  2 strands of  cement/concrete highway  with traffic  flowing in opposite directions.


500 × 329 – 2007, the eight-lane, 1,907-foot-long I35W highway bridge over the

Page 52 below

The mystery  words ….. something high up on the bridge —>  the theory of Skyrmions with DAMTP  Nick Manton, Hawking, Gibbons, and others of the  intellectual thought bridge of cam.BRIDGE University; but, they do not recognize EARTHLINGS like myself…that work on the Hubble(ton), Wisconsin special astronomy projects of Nature  and county road G = universal gravitational  constant  expressions  that need to be explained in every-day words for the general public  to understand.

A look back: The I-35W bridge collapse |  –> astronomy newspaper NEWS for astrophysics and astronomy theorists  at Cambridge and CALTECH  and elsewhere.
Where are the thinking STARS?  Pay attention to TOE –> Theory of Everything includes the STAR Tribune.

Page 52 continued below

—> rubble, making
—> girders that littered the approach  to the  (I-35W )    bridge
—> like a   pair of  duellists they met on the (I-35W) bridge   ……. a repeat  of  literature  drama  ……IRON MASK  (Fer = Ferrous oxide of FermiLAB) atomic duel with swords …. described by Alexander Dumas of the  Batavia,  Illinois  atomic English language  library.

The atomic English language  within   the Base 2 orbital and the even orbitals (the atomic information orbitals 2,4,6,8   while Pier ODDONE  represents  the  atomic odd integers orbitals  1, 3, 5, 7 )   with EVEN Steven Chu  of the Department of En –> The Energy  and integrity and accuracy of the atomic social science  EN = English language  VERSUS Bull-Stories ….the  modern TALE of 2 CITIES  application  with Charles Darwin Dickens and   St.Paul Dirac and Minneapolis).

460 × 345 – I35W Bridge Collapse

The I-35W Mississippi River bridge (officially known as Bridge 9340) was an eight-lane, steel truss arch bridge that carried Interstate 35W across the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. During the evening rush hour on August 1, 2007, it suddenly collapsed, killing 13 people and injuring 145. The bridge was Minnesota’s fifth busiest

killing 13 people

killing 13 people

killing 13 people

The I-35  information highway  to  TEXAS…… Fort Hood data processing theory 

Above…we see the EXTENSION of the I-35W bridge collapse  …from the   Minneasota  geography area of TWO-Time Losers …
to the I-35  region of  13 dead at FORT HOOD,  Killeen, Texas  (are you Killing TIME?  –> ask Virginia TECH English class  )

or go to the University of Texas, AUSTIN   (I-35  and I -53 = Individual age 53 named JOE = Job Order Entry STACK instructions of the HEX Base 16 stacked DECK  allowed by  the  intellectual bio-computer  Base 16 address  at 1600 PEN Avenue , Washington, DC ……that refuse to help understand the problem and assist in its research).

Thus we have the I-35W — >   I-35WEST  exist  in Minnesota   AND   in a  sligthy different  arrangement (combination of symbols and conponents)  ..the I-35 Western cowboy state of TEXAS   ………… thus the living EARTH cell message …… the double-helix expression of 13 DEAD  near I-35W  MIS –> Management Information Systems of COMPUTER EARTH  system 370  …… with

the EARTH MIS = Mississippi RIVER ( the old physical geology information systems of Nature with Mark Twain of year 1900)  and  now …since   year 1950/1980  and the existence  of copper-wire main frame computers (such as IBM system 370 OS/JCL) …… we have the parallel / supersymmetry  I-35 W  MIS information highway  ………….. that starts in Minnesota ( the modern physical and symbolic data processing convergence  ….. the TWIN CITIES …symbolic of this merger   …. representing a figurative  ORIGIN of the modern  merger  of physical and symbolic data stream entities).

I-35W  MIS  … starts in Minnesota and the MIS River of the Mississippi  …..and   continues to
I-35W MIS  …… Texas  project PLAN   O = Oxygen atomic computer and the geology agent for the Ross Ice Shelf project of Computer Earth system 370… ..
—- atomic mass 16 with LUNGS of EDS, Plano, Texas  ….. failure to speak up
—- Pentagon computer science failure to speak up and ask…what’s happening
—- DARPA  …… and  advanced myopic and hypnotic  views of  existence
—- University of Texas,  the Autism city of Austin

Thus we see …the secret world of silence  …..  that is very obvious  ..because all of the DATA is printed in newspapers  and  textbooks.
Your job is to identify the pieces to the puzzle and arrange them in an explainable fashion.

Thus you need to fix the mechanism …..  at least you must help DR.WHO   and tell the  TIME LORDS …Thorne and Hawking  …to awaken their universities.      If you don’t…your biological .. that is  ( Nature’s biological clock within you)    will  remember your intellectual  apathy  and treason;    a bio-computer subroutines may be activated  ….and you be a Two-TIME LOSER   ….  as the probability distribution of your life-TIME  is shorten.    Nature has  new, complex  process  control systems  coming on-line  …….. that involve humans and cities and  Carl Jung collective groups.   So, help Nature and  increase the probability that  Nature will help you.


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