Doctor Who, Logopolis, and the Y2K TIME of DEATH tragedies of the FFA, Cole, Totzke, Hengel, Norway and others.


As we all know TIME travel exists; the only question is …what formats,  circumstances,  and existential dimensions does it  exist in.

For the moment, we will disallow PHYSICAL biology / BODY time travel.

We will allow, mental time travel.
A person that studies history …travels back in TIME …and in a sense …his/her thoughts  LIVE in that historical TIME  …for that study period.
Likewise …a reader of some Sherlock Holmes story ….travels back 100 years  …. a  MENTALLY lives in the symbolic and optical world of that Victorian time period  …with words describing the people and the  events.
Watching a Sherlock Holmes  television show OR a   Hercule  Pirot   TV detective  show …. provides us with rich and valuable optical images of the clothing worn, the  vehicles  used for travel,   the room furniture, the social mannerisms, etc. …….. thus our optical nerve has experience TIME travel into the past.

Now,  let’s look at some  other methods of  TIME travel.

Nature has a well-known  optical thought system  …..  that uses the English language words  and the publishing system.
Stories and  new reports  that are published …will they report on current situations   …..may have a secondary effect   …… they are like  project plan outlines for the future…… that Nature may or may not use.

Let’s look at some examples.

a) around  TIME address  year 1600  … William  Shakespeare  wrote …
” The WORLD is a stage and we are the players”     and  the
concept TIME TRAVELED  over 400 TIME years in the optical data stream of the eye/retina  of bio-optical human processors   ( 20 x 20 optical vision = 400 years of PHOTON thought TRAVEL)   ……the concept  lived in the CITY of   c = 186,000 electromagnetic light  with  its velo.CITY and  within it…the  CITY of  symbolic life of nouns, verbs, math and physics  equations,   chemistry  formula —> social chemistry.      Thus … the critical  400 year TIME  boundary  known as year 2000 …. the failure of bio-optical bio-computer humanoid structures  to properly acknowledge Nature’s  vast optical systems network architecture  … Nature became angry and the CENTRAL COMMAND  of the brain Central Nervous System 370 abstract  brain symbolic computer   issued military photon orders   …VIA  electromagnetic waves   …anger and angry.

Anger = Ang +  er –> Angstrom wavelengths and their English language thoughts have errors  (such as Virginia TECH)

Angry  = Ang + gry –> Angstrom wavelengths interface with gravity thought waves on the human bio-physics processing platform

Thus we see the
TIME address (year 16oo)  message  “The World is a stage and we are the players” …message SENT to Year 2000
SPACE address (1600 Pen of ink at Pennsylvania Avenue and its bio-computer inhabitants)   AND

no response from the Washington,DC   intellectuals ..consequently year 2001 and

” The WORLD TRADE Center is center stage  and we are the processing layers”..

thus the Shakespeare THEATER of year 1600 becomes the THEATER of WAR in year 2001 with the elite, intellectual university system and corporations that makes arrogant ERRORS that are  easily avoidable.   BUT, since citizens don’t care  ..then institutions think tyhe same way.

Let’s look at some early warning signals from DOCTOR WHO.     Had the social engineering problems been fixed …… some  CAD = Computer Aided Design of human CAD in CADAVER format  would be alive today …such as the base 16 hexadecimal student CADAVERS of the  new technology ERRORS  at VIRGINIA TECH  on April 16.

The Base 16 HEX organization known as the  Hex’FFA” = Future Farmers of America and  the University of Wisconsin ignore REALITY signals  …hence, the  agriculture WAR casualties  of  Rod Nilsestuen and Matt Anderson.

Rod Nilsestuen, state DATCP head, drowns in Lake Superior   

    Jul 22, 2010 – local, news, madison, wisconsin, dane county. Rod Nilsestuen, secretary of the state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer

The death of    Nil.sestuen, DANE COUNTY   <—- supersymmetry physics signal NIL, Dane —> Nield Bohr Institure, Dane,  eu.ROPE and its string theortists.

FFA student leader Matt Anderson died Aug. 19 – eCALS – News for…/ffa-student-leader-mattanderson-died-aug-19/

Aug 28, 2007 – Matthew Douglas Anderson, age 21, died unexpectedly on Sunday, Aug. 19, 2007, following a farm accident. He was born in Madison on Dec.
Dr.WHO and television and paperback books ……
Doctor WHO of the  World Health Organization of Space / TIME ………
” somewhere in the future’   becomes the PRESENT verb tense in University of  Wisconsin, Departments of English, Agriculture, Computer Science  ….. in Madison and Plattevile  ……..  the PRESENT verb tense  ———> PRE-SENT in advance by the manipulator groups  of    verb TIME tenses  and brain bio-computer programming of students ..with brain bio-computer instructions.
“somewhere in the future”  —-> Future Farmers of America will read the additional book “FUTURE SHOCK”  on how to  plant oats, and shock the oats, and use  1950 farm technology …….  the threshing machine.    Then they may learn a lesson in simple communication theory,  awareness,  and being humble ……regarding COMPUTER EARTH system 370 geography land technology such as Base 16 Hex’F’ = 15 = F.arm data fields  with the ans = answers of soybeans.  The 1950/1956 FFA members  in year 2o12  think that
Base 16 hex’FF’ America –> hex’FF”  = 255 = High-values America  –> that they are the elite SUPERIOR intellectual leaders  and can ignore basic facts of existence that they are TOLD about …thru available information..
 Hence Nature’s   PRESENT verb tense   for  Rod Nilsestuen, state DATCP head, drowns in Lake Superior
Now Rod probably was a nice guy with good intentions…but he symbolizes a large groups of farmers,  agriculture coops, farm equipment manufactures, seed suppliers, fertilizer , herbicide companies ………… and amongst that vast  system of educated PEOPLE ….. no one cares about what is going on in the  world with the  SCIENCE WARS , etc , etc.
Thus Nature arranged for the world-wide agriculture industry    DEMOS   of  DEATH    ….  ( both  caused by brain
bio-computer pre-programmed  accident instructions) …..thus the  2  leaders SIGNAL.
1) Manhattan had the  2  TALL Towers  tragedy of Sept 11, 2001
2) Man of Wisconsin has 2 TALL leading citizens  ( 1 older  and 1 younger)
Ask supersymmetry bio-physics about the modern Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family….. atomic social anthropology war conflicts.
They will deny that  empirical data has no bearing on the development and confirmation of theory …and the THEORY of Everything excludes atomic bio-physics humans,   excludes the  E. coli disease of  E = Einstein’s equation and the columns of the 18 families of the periodic atomic table ..hence E column interface –> atomic E coli.
Thus the page above….. expresses  ….. the author’s ability to “SENSE”  and write about  …. some optical-computer subroutines in the
James Joyce stream of consciousness OR the
Carl Jung atomic collective unconsciousness  of the modern FARM collective (farm cooperatives) ….. modeled after the Joseph Stalin farm collective experiments  in  Carl Jung  theory ..such as MAN and  his Symbols, Dreams, etc.
Page 8, below ……..
the I-35 W bridge collapse,
the U.S.Navy  and the  U.S.S.Cole (October 200)  and  Cole Hall shooting, DeKalb, Illinois
Below, a picture of the TARDIS ….used on the television shows  ….. symbolic of the IBM BIG BLUE system 370 processing box  with SYS. CATALOGs  …  the IBM project  was an extension of the B.F.Skinner box experiment (1948)  AND the  Erwin Schrodinger  CAT in a BOX (year 1935).
Thus ..both primordial thoughts VIA Darwinian  symbolic evolution
emerged in 1970 /1980 as IBM system 370 OS/JCL  with SYS1.CATALOG .
Above words  ” batty schemes”   and the  1942/1943 Manhattan Project physics project ERROR   resulting in the  TIME WAR of SEpt 11, 2001 in Manhattan  BULL-STORY intellectuals  and  the batty schemes region …BATTERY PARK …..asssault and battery of the TWO TOWERS.
Page 54

Words —> On Earth = OE = Order Entry   systems  AND the ancient bio-optical computer language named OE = Old English.

Thus…one of the early eye/retina / optical nerve languages used to develop the brain optical/symbolic computer.

Initially, Old English was a diverse group of dialects, reflecting the varied origins of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Great Britain[36] but one of these dialects, Late West Saxon, eventually came to dominate, and it is in this that the poem Beowulf is written.

Old English was later transformed by two waves of invasion.
—> modern  symbolic / television WAR waves and  eye/brain invasions ….
then the language invasion at
English –Virginia TECH  English department on April16
Library — Columbine High School library
Read — Fort Hood Soldier READ Center
Oceania — George Orwell book war at NIL,  Cole Hall, Oceania classroom shooting

Page 54 continued

Above words —>the boy flushed “But can I help you…..”  …. in other words tragic words in the newspaper …

The Marinette  High  School, Wisconsin ……
BOY Scout  ……..Sam Hengel  ….and Flushing, Queens,  New York City  1964 ……

” Can I help the World’s Fair ….of Nature and the outdoors and the Earth  problems with people ethics/fairness”

Above words …the future normally closed to him,……Darwinian selection of  farm agent Matt Anderson ..also, in the Wisconsin war zone ..of farms and outdoors  …the FFA  adults and BOY SCOUT  adults  and their mission violations.

page 86 below

Above, the Norwegian government and its legislature…. the national assembly…of human bio-computer and their bio-computer assembly langauge program to control the  HUMAN  brain computer. Their biological IMS database project has
human PARENT  root data records and human CHILD   data records    ….  both with philosophy  data errors that violate the quality control standards of Nature and its social engineering and brain engineering project parameters.

Norway refuse to discuss and fix the UTOE problem = Unified Theory of Everything battle at  UTOEYA. Norway.
The cover-up of the deeper causes behind  the  tragic event …is the CAUSE  –> EFFECT ..the battle of lies/ incomplete explanations /incomplete  analysis by high level intellectuals  …..hence the BATTLE of  the LIE  at  representative LIE city of Liege, Belgium.

Back cover, below

The above signals to  Chicago physics agent ……. the  ODDONE  secret of the  Chameleon atomic physics anthropology circuit …

the Chameleon –> CH + Leon –> Chicago Leon  …….

  1. ‘God particle’ physicist Leon Lederman honored by National Science

    Apr 11, 2012 – Leon Lederman is the 2012 recipient of the Vannevar Bush Award from the National Science Foundation. The annual award is given in

    Leon M. Lederman
    Born Leon Max Lederman
    (1922-07-15) July 15, 1922 (age 90)
    New York, U.S.
    Residence United……….  States of MIND
    Nationality Unit     ed S = electron data Systems   Plan O = Oxygen Project Plan ….. Plano, Texas
    Fields Physics
    Institutions Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Another agent is   has    astrophysics LOGOPOLOIS identifier  of Logarithms of Logan, Utah.

Leon Lederman is a ferrous oxide HEME group Fe(ii) ion structure –> Fe –> FermiLAB
Kip Thorne is a ferrous oxide HEME group Fe(ii) ion structure  –> Fe  —> Feynman scholar

Other agents exist  …… who might they be.

Keep  in mind that the British intelligence  MI6  —> FermiLAB  level 6 –> FerMI6  LAB.

Thus we have many interesting puzzles  about modern society and the  SECRET social sciences.


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