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Let’s look at the periodic atomic table of elements and their language elements. Of particluar interest is the atomic word:  _ tomato_   with leading and trailing blanks.

Using the atomic English language authorization codes provided by the AM subset of the word: AMERICA we can fill in the blanks.   Thus we have AtomatoM –> which is the 2 separate words Atom + atoM.

The word ATOM ….. and its symbol evolution to   ATOM + ATOM  –> giving TOMATO  + remainder symbols AM  … gives us  additional information about ATOM AMerica..    ATOM –> subset symbols –> OM = Oxygen Molecule.  Thus we see Nature’s communication system  …..   two tomatoes  are a super-symmetry MIRROR to the two atom construction of the OM = Oxygen Molecule.

Oxygen Molecule Royalty Free Stock Photos - Image: 30162568

Oxygen molecule, ball-and-stick and space filling models.

Thus we see the most atomic  primordial desire of an atom researcher and its social expression.

AMerican physicis  and chemistry graduate students and professors are really  TOMATO researchers  … and that extends into their personnal social life.   For example, at lunch they talk about their atomic social activities using atomic ENGLISH language phrases:


It was slang …….
“By the 1920s, a “hot tomato” was slang for an attractive woman, and though the term is no longer current, most Americans recognize it.”

Why are women called tomatoes? | Answerbag

                                  Gender IssuesMore Gender Issues

Apr 16, 2009 –  (slang) A desirable-looking woman. Look at the legs on that hot tomato!


Although this usage isn’t as common as it used to be, ‘tomato’ is slang for an attractive woman. A ‘hot tomato‘ is slang for, well, let’s call it a ‘very’ attractive 


Thus we see that atom attraction at the human level can result in romance and marriage.

The male atom scientist working on 2 or more atoms (atom + atom –> code tomato )  naturally seeks an atomic, bio-physics female object  with EARTH LAB identifier … hot tomato .. known for their attraction properities at the surface level of  Margaret Mead atomic social science reality …… BUT,   deep down at their primordial atomic origination point  …….

Thus we see that the concept of the  hot tomato, and  physics professor associations with such hot tomatoes  lead to  brain development of the next SYMBOL CONCEPT –> bio-physics.  Bio-physics professors literally work day and night ……. in the day they work at the university  lab  and at night they work real hard in their private lab with their bio-physics SUPERSYMMETRY  tomato.

Thus we see a piece of the architecture of Nature’s vast research system  … that extends into the Margaret Mead  atomic nuclear family of adults living in a house..

The periodic   atomic table of elements has several  features … for each element.

1)  the  physics concept of an element … with mass, a nucleus,  electrons, etc.  These  features are used by physics and engineering graduates to design   electronic devices such as televsions and atomic nuclear power plants for electricity, etc

2) the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family and its atomic social science expressions.

3) we have the atomic ENGLISH language with proton prose

4) we have electroral votes –>  electoral –> elect oral –> electron orbital votes for the atomic table president VIA  atomic bio-physics human representation  devices.

Thus we see that Nature’s  atomic table is like a movie projector ……   and the atomic projections  are unto the geography surface of EARTH … which is like a movies screen  or a computer terminal display.

What is displayed by Nature … the MASTER DIRECTOR  ….  cellulose trees,  4-legged animals, 2-legged  humans,   etc.
For example,  a  BOTANY professor  is an atomic projection (VIA a complex process of Nature).

Welcome to the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology at Purdue University.
Welcome to the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology at Purdue University.
Welcome to the Department of Botany and Plan   Path     at    due Univers.
Welcome to the Solar System 360  Department of Botany and  Project Plan   Path     at   Project  due  Milky Way  Universe .
Research, teaching and extension have been an integral part of the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology since 1887.  Today’s department includes 23 faculty who are advancing and teaching the disciplines of Plant Biology, Plant Pathology and Weed Science.
 the disciplines of Plant Biology, Plant Pathology and Weed Science
 the disciplines of Plant Biology, Plant Pathology and Weed Science
 the disciplines of Plan  Biology, Plan  Path  bio-math logarithms of logy and   ed Science  (Electron data Systems and  Nature’s computer science  named     PLAN  Zero  at PLANO, Texas).

Let’s return to the atomic tomato   ….

Images for quantum atomic projection

Thus we see an information chain starting with the periodic atomic table.

The atomic table —-> first projection  level –> Botany tomato.

Then some new mother …who has eaten  tomatoes at dinner  ….decides to name her newborn son after the TOMATO  –> TOMATO MAN –> symbols –> TOM  ….. who …  in his quest for the origin of his identity …. becomes a BOTANY student …….. a consequence of tomato extension technology using the  SYMBOL MACHINE.

Another new mother …who has eaten  tomatoes at dinner  ….decides to name her newborn son after the TOMATO  –> TOMATO MAN –> symbols –> TOM  ATOM  AN = Atomic NUmber  ….. who …  in his quest for the origin of his identity …. becomes a physics or chemistry  student to study atomic numbers  ……..
a different consequence of tomato extension technology using Nature’s   SYMBOL MACHINE.

Tomato – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The tomato is the edible, often red fruit of the plant Solanum lycopersicum, commonly known as a tomato plant. Both the species and its use as a food originated 

Thus we sentence CLUES: Project plan Solar System  …………… atom project  plan
Hence, Nature has project plans and other projects …  just like moden day humanoids and their business corporations..

Projections of atoms in terms of interatomic vectors – ScienceDirect

                                  by C Kim – ‎1997 – ‎Cited by 11 – ‎Related articles

Abstract. The azimuthal dependencies of the real-space projections of atoms in terms of the near-surface interatomic vectors from a Pt{l 11 }-. (1 x 1 ) surface are 

Let’s take the above concept and ask the atomic SYMBOL MACHINE  about the keywords: vegetable tomato.

Vegetable –> Ve + get + table –> Vector get symbol table

In COMPUTER EARTH terms ….of vector space … the IBM CICS get instruction….. it has  a few different formats

Migrating from COMMAREAs to channels…ibm.cics…/dfhe5yu.htm‎

EXEC CICS GET CONTAINER(structure-name) CHANNEL(channel-name) an XCTL command to pass a structure, change the instructions shown in Table 22.

CICS application design considerations – FTP Directory Listing – IBM…ibm…/erzhah08.htm‎

Each time the program is called, it gets a new copy of working storage. Transaction Work Area (TWA); User storage acquired by EXEC CICS GETMAIN without .

Thus we see the Earth geography surface as a mathematical-physics surface  as a vector space  …  vector data space that can use Einstein’s data processing DATA FIELD theory and its applictaions.  Thus a  garden of vegetables of LAND  –> implies LANDAU physics   with vector get tables.

In addition to the atom + atom expression –> Tomato ….. we have the atomic spin expression named spinach.

Spinach – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) is an edible flowering plant in the family of Amaranthaceae. It is native to central and southwestern Asia. It is an annual plant (rarely 

Spinach Recipes – Home Cooking –

Spinach Recipes – Home Cooking –

Atomic Spin Recipes – Home Cooking –

Nuclear Spin

Spin –> Spinoza philosophy book  Recipes – 

Spin (physics) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎

For example, a helium atom can have spin 0 and therefore can behave like a boson even …. This phenomenon is used in nuclear magnetic resonance sensing.

Early experiemnts  ..the precursor to  ‎Stern–Gerlach experiment

Baruch Spin o – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Baruch Spinoza (24 November 1632 – 21 February 1677) — later Benedict de Spinoza — was a Dutch philosopher. The breadth and importance of Spinoza’s 

See also  –> the evolution of atomic bio-physics to year 2013

Why Spinoza Was Excommunicated | Humanities

Why Spin  and early atomic physics    Was Excommunicated | Humanities

Before writing a single book, Bento de Spinoza was considered a dangerous thinker.

de Spin

de Spin

atomic computer code SPIN  

The history of Nature’s project and one of its agent  ……
 (24 November 1632) …. the spin expression in year 1632  with atomic number 16 and atomic molecualr mass 32 of the  message expression year of the OXYGEN  MOLECLUE.

Spinach Recipes – Homer and the Illiad‎

Spinach Recipes. Whether you like to eat spinach raw or cooked, you’re sure to find a tasty spinach recipe here.

Below, the atomic spin  projection to a larger sized EARTH LAB  display.  Thus we see the importance of viewing the EARTH geography surface …..  in a local region of flat soil / land/ earth surface  …  like a garden with vegetables …. that flat land ….. geography surface is like  a Mother Nature  television screen displaying 3-dimensional  objects of information and CLUES about the structure of Sartre existentialism.

Potatoes are named after  ….  pota + toes –> Potassium Theory of Everything System

Thus we see the role of green string beans in the development of string theory,

the role of poatoes in the thought processes of theoretcial physicists in TOE calculations

As the old atomic English phrase states   ” You are what you eat”.

Thus we see the modern day … year 2013 … situation in Chicago area of FermiLAB, Argonne National Labs, the university physics departments in the region.

Graduate students  study the tau particle  and they study linear algebra array theory with  matrices.

Now, let’s look at the atomic English langauge and its application to every day life activities and business activities VIA the SYMBOL  MACHINE.

In Chicago we have the National Restuarnt Association convention.

NRA ShowNational Restaurant Association‎

Join us and experience the energy and inspiration of NRA Show. You may just find that new product, trend or idea that makes the difference in your business 


In business accounting we have AR  = Accounts Receivable.

Thus the atomic SYMBOL MACHINE  has ..

AR  Restaurant –> a string of symbols ..rewritten as –> ARRest  tau  –> arrest tau particles in restaurants for  violations of  the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family laws ….  such as the sodium chloride molecular  SALT TREATY with  humans and restaurant dinner tables..

By itself atomic social sciences .. crime dictionary word: arrest –> array  estimators.

For example …..  I remember …. at lunch when I was working ….  several of us sat in the cafeteria  at a rectangular table that seated about 8 to 10 people  ….. hence, the linear algbera array configuaration of humanoids.  For Naure’s point of view    ….. we comprised an array of  information ( some accurate and some estimated )

In year 2103 …. we see —>  TOE (Theory of Everything) , super-symmetry, and Grand Unified Theory  which includes the  Grand Avenue  concrete string in Chicago (from Navy Pier to Pier ODDone at  Batavia …, the western outpost  of atomic Lake(y) Michigan wave mechanics and its extension to FermiLAB).


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